There are entire cities for sale in Spain. Za cenu nižší, než stojí garsonka

Opuštěné město Salto de Castro je na prodej. You can buy 44 houses for 260,000 euros.
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There was even a barracks building in the city, where the civil guard used to be based. Co tu ale není, jsou obyvatelé. Salto de Castro has been abandoned for more than three decades.

Původně bylo městečko k mání za 6.5 milionu eur (157 milionů korun), ale žádný kupec se dlouho nenašel. New offers on the real estate portal Idealist je nyní 260 tisíc eur. According to real estate agents, more than three hundred people immediately showed interest in the purchase. “One of the potential buyers even offered an ordering fee,” says Rodríguez. But the trade hasn’t happened yet, so someone else has a chance.

Salto de Castro is located on the border between Spain and Portugal.

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