There are sisters in England. Don’t do anything risky, Oban Velda warned

There is now concern in the UK about what might happen to the most vulnerable patients if no one treats them. According to the latest report from the hospital there, the outpatient procedure now lasts 90 minutes. he was warned by the British that it was better to call a taxi so that patients could get to the hospital more quickly.

Don’t do anything risky, Health Secretary Will Quince warned Britons on Tuesday because of the weakened system. This came in the middle of a week full of protest events. Residents of this border, employees of Krlovsk toilets and railroad trade unions protested or protested.

Health Secretary Steve Barclay will meet with unions on Tuesday in a last-ditch effort to prevent further chaos. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak warned them both, saying that if necessary, he would oppose their unwritten salary demands for a whole month. Unions are working hard to make Christmas worse for people but I will not let it go that way and protect the lives and livelihoods of all Britons who could be affected by the plan, said Sunak.

Hundreds of nurses now work in a quarter of Britain’s hospitals and communities. Nurses threatened hundreds more in January if the government did not comply with their demand for a 19 percent pay increase. However, according to the government, this is an impossible requirement. Even Britain’s Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, denied on Tuesday that the government would try by any means to raise nurses’ salaries.

The RCN nurses’ union says that over the course of this century, it will employ staff in chemotherapy, emergency oncology services, dialysis, intensive care units, neonatal and pediatric intensive care units, and several other services.

However, in a critical situation, he was evacuated from several British hospitals. From some areas they drink it first, so some patients who were transported to the hospital by ambulance have to wait outside.

During the strike, the entire NHS health system will operate as on a holiday, with operations and procedures being canceled or rescheduled.

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