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In early December, Jacek Kurski confirmed on social mediathat he took up a job “consistent with (…) managerial education and experience” as Alternative Executive Director at the World Bank. “I always thought that there was no life outside of politics. Yes,” he stressed, adding that he knew he would “serve well” in this position.

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Glapiński on cooperation with PiS and Kurski’s new position: I don’t go to any particular party leader. I don’t get directions

Jacek Kurski at the World Bank. Economist: He makes public television “propaganda” in the worst fashion

Guest Tuesday (January 31) WP “Newsroom”. is Jakub Karnowski, a longtime World Bank employee and current board member of the state-owned Ukrainian company. Mateusz Ratajczyk asked his opinion on the new job of the former president of Telewizja Polska. – Jack Kurski he does not have the qualifications to work at the World Bank – answered Karnowski.

According to the WP guest, the former president of Public Television was making “propaganda in the worst style” and “something like government”. – I’m talking about PKP, it’s the same as television public. They took our money, they owed money, they bought artists.

According to Karnowski, the mechanism used “is a kind of political corruption”. – Then it led to the fact that a person who didn’t know what the World Bank was, what development policy was, officially became Poland’s representative in this bank, because he got this job from President Glapiński, which is why today we have 17 percent in Poland. inflationbecause he forgot to raise interest rates in 2019, because he thinks he is serving the government and President Kaczyński in this way, he said.

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This is the amount Jacek Kurski earns at the World Bank. “Plus retirement benefits”

Jacek Kurski started working at the World Bank. It was delivered by President Glapiński

On December 7, the National Bank of Poland announcedthat Kurski began work as Executive Director of the Alternative Swiss-Polish Constituent Assembly of the World Bank Group in Washington. His candidacy was put forward by Adam Glapiński himself, who is Governor of the Republic of Poland at the World Bank. – Mr. Jacek Kurski fulfilled in large surplus all the requirements for persons representing Poland in international financial institutions. He could occupy a much higher position, he meets all the criteria, assures Glapiński.

However, economists think differently. – Jacek Kurski has no experience in banking. He received a platinum parachute for services to the party at the expense of Polish prestige – he said in an interview with Piotr Kuczynski.

Mariusz KaminskiWhat do we know about Jacek Kurski’s new workplace?

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