There was nothing to falsify reports about Zeman’s health, prosecutors said

In the petition, the President wrote that as a directly elected head of state, he was forced to face efforts to revoke his power. The Prague High Prosecutor’s Office later announced in August that the suspicions of sabotage were unfounded.

However, the investigation into possible falsification of medical reports, which is being handled by the Prague 6 Prosecutor’s Office, is continuing.

“On the one hand, the public prosecutor found no facts indicating, not even a suspicion, that the medical reports presented were grossly distorted, or that important facts were hidden in them, because they were based on expert examinations and tests,” said Aleš, spokesman for the Prague Prosecutor’s Office A dulcimer.

Regarding the reports on the state of the president’s health received from the Central Military Hospital by the President of the Senate Miloš Vystrčil and the head of the presidential office Vratislav Mynář, according to the prosecutor’s office, “it is impossible to conclude from them the contents that in this case were medical reports, opinions or findings according to the Criminal Code” .

Cimbalo’s spokesman did the same statedthat the institutions set forth in Article 66 of the Constitution cannot be regarded as tools used to usurp the powers of the president.

“This is a temporary transfer of powers to the Prime Minister, Speaker of the House of Representatives and Speaker of the Senate, subject to the fulfillment of certain conditions. In particular, both houses of Parliament must approve a resolution by a majority of the members present that the President of the Republic is unable to assume office for serious reasons. Resolution this then constitutes a kind of temporary measure relating to the time when high ranking constitutional officials are unable to hold office,” he explained.

Zamen’s health

President Miloš Zeman is undergoing another planned hospitalization at the Central Military Hospital in Prague.

Hospitalize Milos Zeman

Last October 10, the day after the parliamentary elections, President Zeman was transferred to the intensive care clinic of the Central Military Hospital.

According to a doctor’s report issued by Senate President Vystrčil, Zeman was unable to carry out his job duties at that time. In addition, the long-term prognosis of his health condition is very uncertain, doctors said at the time.

Because of this, several senators and deputies began to consider a temporary transfer of some of the presidential powers according to Article 66 of the Constitution.

The President’s spokesperson, Jiří Ovčáček, stated that from the start it was a case of false information about the real state of the President’s health.

In February, Zeman labeled the attempt to transfer power an attempted coup. In response, Vystrčil said that he was acting as ordered by the Constitution and as president the Senate must act if the public does not have the information it is entitled to about the health of the highest constitutional officials.

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