Therese Johaug ready for Birken – become teammates with Bjørgen

This was confirmed by Team Ragde Charge manager Jørgen Aukland.

– Therese will run Birkebeinerrennet and Reistadløpet for us, she told NTB.

Johaug was linked with the Aukland brothers team in a remote context.

– This means Therese ended her career fantastically. For us, his participation means a lot. Therese is Therese, and she’s off to a great start for Birken and the show, Aukland said.

On Saturday, Johaug walked the final three miles of his career at Holmenkollen. The cross-country star would soon become a top athlete. Before that time, however, next weekend’s World Cup final at Falun and after all the sun marks some long-running on the program.

Not sure to snoop or tie

The team manager on Team Ragde Charge, Magnar Dahlen, is also looking forward to the start of Birken from Johaug.

– It’s great that he didn’t just give up after the World Cup on Falun, he told Swedish news agency TT.

Marit Bjørgen is also part of the Team Ragde Charge team. Thus, the former queen of cross-country and Johaug are back as teammates on the ski trails in a few days.

Dahlen confirmed that Johaug will wear the Norwegian national team jersey under Birken. He was allegedly obligated to do so as a result of an agreement he had with the Norwegian Ski Association.

– This is going to be a lot of fun, and then we’ll see if he wants to stake or go with the lubrication of the binder. “This will be an interesting question as we approach the competition,” he said.

Reisstadløpet 2. April

With regards to Birken’s start, Team Ragde Charge bosses warn that ski stars can experience the simple realities of cross-country skiers.

– Then he will live with the rest of the team on a mattress in a simple cabin near the arena. In addition, he will be involved in making his own food. But we’ll have fun together, says Dalen.

This isn’t the first time Johaug has tried his hand at Ski Classics. Dalsbygda Express won the Birkebeinerrennet in 2015.

There are also plenty of indications that Johaug won’t be the only stellar runner to start on the 50 kilometers from Rena to Lillehammer. As a result of next weekend’s World Cup final in Tyumen being cancelled, Birken organizers have received interest from many of the profiled runners.

– We are aware of the changes in the World Cup, and also realize that we are an interesting race in a slightly special season and after the Olympics. We already have a number of profiles ranging from Classic Skiing, but we also have questions from long-distance runners at the World Cup on the men’s and women’s sides about the opportunity to participate, Birken boss Eirik Torbjørnsen told NTB earlier this week.

Tight competition

Several sections of the American women’s team, among others, asked about the possibility of posing. The strong Rosie Brennan is one of them.

As such, it could be a very tough fight for victory in this year’s race. In the women’s class, Astrid yre Slind, Lina Korsgren, Brita Johansson Norgren, Emilie Fleten, Ida Dahl and Thea Krokan Murud are usually the hottest names next to Bjørgen.

Slind picked up a strong win at Vasaloppet last weekend. He then reached the finish line with a majesty of his own.

The Reistad race, which is also 50 kilometers long, takes place on April 2.

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