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Poruba also commemorates International Earth Day this year. This holiday is celebrated annually on April 22 and is a great opportunity to host various workshops, lectures and activities focused on ecology. The Porubans enjoyed it in the area near Florida on Main Street.

Zuzana erkovská, pedagogical worker CVČ Korunka: “Various eco-educational and fun activities have been prepared so that we can all enjoy Earth Day and learn something interesting. They play, have fun, and so on. There’s some news. In particular, as part of the cultural program, the Porubian trumpeters who perform now, or the trio band My dva. As part of the presentation of the Lower Vítkovice area, we have a stunning 5 meter inflatable balloon with a globe, and then new is the presentation of the U beránka workshop from Bludovice near Nový Jičín. They have live sheep and donkeys here. They show the traditional way of raising sheep, how they spin on a spinning wheel, how the animals are milked and so on.”

The Ostrava Museum was also present at the event. Planetarium, city police, or VŠB-TUO.

Poll: participating organizations: “Especially children can try astronomy games here. It’s mainly about getting to know the constellations we see in the sky. At the same time, we have binoculars here, unfortunately it’s cloudy, so we can’t observe the sun, but again, we have the interesting fact that we are observing at least a statue in the opposite building. ”

“We make mini cups, the children plant their seeds, they make foil or greenhouses. They made a hole in it, then they poured seeds into it. It is flooded with water and germinates after a few days. ”

“We’re from Tech World and we’re showing animals to kids here at the moment, we have a landscape here, so kids need to determine what the landscape looks like to hold water properly.”

“Not only have we prepared a participatory budget promotion of Poruba in Zelená Poruba for the city district of Poruba, but we have also prepared crossword puzzles for children. Both younger kindergartners and older kids who go to school and get rewards for every crossword solved can solve. ”

Earth Day has been celebrated since the 1970s, when people in the United States began demonstrating for a healthier environment. There were more than 20 million protesters in various places. The announcement of Earth Day happened a year earlier, in 1969.

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