They peek into the main tunnel, the dome will be ready for the holidays

Under the hood, you have a ready-made plan. In 2016, contractors dismantled the roof from the outside around the roof. In addition, during the holidays, glazing will be installed on the old roof at the very roof of the building’s administrative building, explains construction manager Miroslav Kr from the Mestrostav DIZ company.

This year, all the facades of the building will be completed, by the end of the year the work on the lower and upper halls in the preservation of the memorial building completed in 1907 will be completed.

At Ervenci, passengers will be able to use the lower hall, where the cash register will be definitively moved from its temporary premises on the first floor. The upper floors should be spared, as major construction work throughout the building will be moved into them in the coming years. When traveling there, they can only move about in closed corridors away from the elevators and toilets. In order not to get lost, movement in the corridors will be facilitated by a complete orientation system.

The upper part of the hall will be illuminated after reconstruction

The roof of the upper hall will be removed in 2015, and by the end of summer a new one will be installed, and the roof will be finished so that the building can be fully used again by passengers. In the first months of the fifth year, we will work on the first floors in cities that are not accessible to the public. There will also be restoration work, as there is also a room with old tiled walls, discovered by Miroslav Kr.

The top of the hall would be much brighter when finished, which was not the case today. At the same time, it would also be a bustling city full of travelers, for it would serve as a business passport when respectable value was restricted in respect of the historic protection of the building.

This year, the building on the ground floor of the newly completed building, at the lower hall level, will be occupied by haulers and train operators, who will take care of quarrying and operating the mine. . Access by escalators and elevators from the underpasses of Umavsk and railways is permanently required for individual access.

The complete reconstruction of the Hlavnho ndra building in Pilsen started last year in May. The main part of the reconstruction is the original form of the building which has architectural value. Its construction follows the modernization of the station’s other entrances and stations, undertaken in previous years. The main thing is the complete reconstruction of the monumental administration building from 1907, said Ji Svoboda, then general editor of Sprva Eleznic. Movement between the lower and upper concourses is facilitated by a new escalator at the edge of the wide main staircase.

Ndra separated from his subordinates

In terms of monuments, Hlavn ndra pilszek differs from its predecessors. The first Vc is low insular. The main building is in the middle of the tracks and has two floors. The main street is on one level, and then there is a walkway upstairs, which is very convenient, explained Pavel Domanick before the opening of the large-scale reconstruction of the memorial building.

From Ndra’s note sheet as a historical monument, the first important railroad lines met here. Originally, this street and society met here. The Zapadn Railway and the Frantik Josef Railway use the general administration building for passengers, the Plzesko-Bezensk Railway owns it. When the station was first built, everything that was there was abandoned, and the subway was built very differently from the beginning, explained Pavel Domanick at the time.

The Hlavnho ndro building was hit by one of the allied bombs at the wolf’s second end of the world. The dome above the main hall was then tilted 90 centimeters. Coders move it back and forth with the help of simple machines.

The original neo-renaissance hall painting, rich with art nouveau elements, was replaced with a simple decoration during the repair. The current color of the interior, the reconstruction of which ended in 2012, is the result of today’s memories. After ten minutes, the tilers got to work repairing the floor in the front room. In total, they replaced about 700 meters of trenches.

Plzešk ndra under reconstruction. Must be completed by May 2024 (4/6/2022)

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