They want to finance in vitro treatment from the state budget. Signature collection has started

Financial support to health care systems in the field of infertility treatment – including financing of in vitro procedures. This is the main assumption of the civil bill promoted by the “Yes to In Vitro” Legislative Initiative Committee. On Monday, we started collecting signatures in Pomerania, said MP Agnieszka Pomaska, head of the committee.

– Today we officially started collecting signatures for a bill in Pomerania. Many associations and organizations, including political parties, decided to get involved in this initiative. However, this is not a political project – said Agnieszka Pomaska, MP, at a press conference in front of the headquarters of the Pomeranian Civic Platform, who is also chair of the “Yes for In Vitro” committee.

– Nothing is more urgent than having more children born in Poland – he argued.

According to him, “the policy of the past seven years has led to limited access to services that have allowed more children to be born in Poland.” Pomaska ​​​​​​was critical of the liquidation of programs that finance treatment, arguing that “last year, the fewest children born since the end of World War II.”


MP Barbara Nowacka says that for couples affected by infertility, the only chance is in vitro fertilization. She argued that many couples couldn’t afford these procedures — and in many cases, people took out loans to pay for them. He requested that the treatment be financed from the state budget.

– The rulers on the banners have slogans about fertility and fertility. The only thing they have to go by is hypocrisy, lack of IVF funds and insulting Polish women – claims Nowacka, adding that IVF is “the realization of a love dream, not politics and cold calculation”.


Tadeusz Aziewicz, MP from Gdynia, criticized the Gdynia authorities for the city’s lack of in vitro programmes.

– The residents of Gdynia hate the city authorities, because Gdynia is the only one in the Tri-City that refuses in vitro financing projects from local government funds. I think this is an opportunity to solve this problem on a macro scale. That is the responsibility of all of us, said Tadeusz Aziewicz.


According to MP Małgorzata Chmiel, when the “PiS government” they “removed the financing of this method from the budget”.

– It is not possible to treat in vitro infertility only for those who are more capable. People want children, regardless of their financial status, he said.

The press conference, apart from the Civil Platform politicians, was also attended by representatives of Nowoczesna, the Greens, the Pomeranian Committee for the Defense of Democracy, Citizens of the Republic of Poland and Beata Dunajewska – board member of the All for Gdańsk association.

According to the law, in order for a civil bill to be submitted to the Sejm, at least 100,000 adult signatures must be collected. According to committee members, they plan to collect the necessary signatures before Christmas.

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