This happens to your luggage if you wait too long.

Do you collect your baggage before shopping at duty free shops, or do you only collect checked baggage afterwards?

Oslo Airport is Scandinavia’s largest airport with 22.4 million travelers last year. Many of them visit duty free shops either on departure or arrival.

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Upon arrival, many travelers head straight to the duty-free shop located in the arrivals hall, closest to the baggage belt. But there’s nothing stopping you from shopping at one of the other duty-free shops once you arrive at Oslo Airport.

Remember the bag

If you will be connecting on a domestic flight, it is important that you ensure that all liquid items are placed in a sealed bag and the receipt is visible on the inside of the bag. You should do this even if you are going straight onto a domestic road.

There may be an incident where you have to leave the airport and then go through security again – and without the bag sealed, the drink will be confiscated.

More trouble

You may have noticed that some luggage belts are tightly packed with suitcases and bags that roll around on the belt without being removed.

One reason may be passengers who choose to shop at duty-free shops before picking up their luggage.

Summer rush

– It’s usually not a problem like we have. But in the busy summer of course it can be a challenge if lots of people are late picking up their luggage. Carousels have a certain capacity and if the passengers don’t show up, at one point they will be full. Then our personnel will make sure to clear the baggage, said communications manager Harald Nygaard Kvam at Oslo Airport.

This happened with your suitcase

– Airports have so-called arrival coordinators and airport assistants who organize bags and suitcases on the carousel so that the carousel accommodates more baggage before the capacity limit is reached, says Harald Nygaard Kvam.

And then your luggage disappears from the arrivals hall.

– How long will it last before it’s deleted?

– Luggage is not removed from the carousel until it is completely full. Luggage will first be placed on the carousel side of the trolley. Luggage isn’t cleared from the area until so much time has passed that even the slowest shopper has finished, says Nygaard Kvam.

- Catastrophic failure

– Catastrophic failure

It happens that, for various reasons, passengers do not pick up their luggage, but go home without their luggage.

Expensive mistake

– The handling company will collect the baggage. It is then transported to the baggage handler’s warehouse for the airline concerned. If the passenger does not report, their luggage will be considered “in a hurry”.

Delete messages

Delete messages

If your flight is delayed, and you think it’s smart to run to the bus or train to catch the next departure, then you shouldn’t skip picking up your baggage first. There’s no point in blaming the fact that your suitcase didn’t arrive on the same flight as you.

– Passengers will then send their baggage home at the passenger’s expense. We have a registration of all the luggage that goes into the carousel.

If the baggage has arrived on the same flight as the passenger, the baggage return fee will be charged to the passenger, concluded the communication manager.

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