This is how Granerud returned to being the best in the world

Alexander Stöckl senses that Halvor Egner Granerud (26) is experiencing something even before Christmas. Now he’s revealed what it took to make him the best in the world for show-hopping week.

THE SUPERIOR: Halvor Egner Granerud impressed heavily in the opening race at Oberstdorf and is the favorite to win this week of show jumping.

Granerud won superbly in Oberstdorf and has secured an excellent starting point to secure Norway’s first overall show jumping win in 16 years (Anders Jacobsen in 2006/2007).

Stöckl’s national team manager spoke about two things that were done before the jump week departure:

  • The equipment – with skis, bins, boots and suits – was fine tuned.
  • Mental training with Anders Meland from Olympiatoppen.

– We already saw positive signs in Engelberg before Christmas, although it took 4th place there, Alexander Stöckl told VG.

– Before we left for the jumping week event, he had all the equipment set up in collaboration with Kenneth Gangnes and Adrian Livelten.

– That between the ears?

– This is of course very important. In ski jumping, there is a small moment at the edge of the jump where a lot is decided.

Alexander Stöckl was, of course, among those hoping Norway’s overall winning streak in show jumping would come to an end. He noted that Granerud at least gained a solid lead by being tallest in Oberstdorf.

– Dawid Kubacki is no exception, who is probably the worst competitor overall.

Clas Brede showjumping manager Bråthen stated that halvor Egner Granerud should be in top form for week of showjumping:

– Sunday hopping is one of the top goals for this winter. We’ve worked to be in a position with at least one athlete to date. The whole system works for it.

– As the week of the jump approaches, it becomes increasingly clear that Halvor is a person with an extra dimension that allows us to join forces and fight for the top, continues Bråthen.

– Then hopefully we can end our endless series of good jumping weeks with a very good jumping week. There is no doubt that it is something very important for us this winter.

Clas Brede Bråthen believes that Granerud has become much more stable. The good mare came more often. In jump week, actually in every jump so far.

– The adjustment he made was successful.

– Tell us about how equipment is customized!

– Well… What I can say is when skis behave differently, we have to find some solutions that work for Halvor.

PS: Granerud had to settle for 6th in qualifying at Garmisch-Partenkirchen on New Year’s Eve. He jumped 134.5 meters and finished 9.7 points behind qualifying winner Dawid Kubacki.

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