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For the first time in nearly five years, Gullballen winner Ada Hegerberg is playing on the same team as Barcelona star Caroline Graham Hansen.

The two were the national team manager’s preferred striker pair in Hegerberg’s first national team training since he retired in 2017.

– We have a good relationship, and there is no nervousness. The conflict the media created with him and the national team, said Hansen after training.

The national team’s players have kept the cards to their chests after Hegerberg’s return became apparent in March, and no big profile commented that Lyon’s top scorer would return to play with a flag on his chest – until now.

LAST CHAMPIONSHIP: Here from training during the European Football Championship in 2017.

Photo: Berit Roald / NTB

Has been in contact during the injury period

At a press conference before the World Cup qualifier against Kosovo, Hansen said that the atmosphere between him and Hegerberg was very good. Barca players believe the silence from the group of players around the comeback has contributed to the speculation.

– Then a moment of conflict is created in the media. For us, a few things happened that kept us from performing as a team, and then Ada criticized the association. Then it became a media issue that we and him were the reason why he left the national team.

Caroline Graham Hansen

MEET THE PRESS: Caroline Graham Hansen receives, unsurprisingly, many questions about the return of Ada Hegerberg’s national team.

Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB

Hansen is in the captaincy and has been with Maren Mjelde in dialogue with Hegerberg before the return of the national team is ready.

On Tuesday, it also emerged that Hegerberg and Hansen should have contact beyond this, and support each other through a difficult time.

Throughout the injury period, we have had some contact, and it has been a difficult period. You want people to show up and be allowed to play well. Even though it may seem like an incongruity with the outside world, you want people to be okay, and that goes for Ada, she says.

In addition, Hegerberg is said to have endorsed Barcelona’s profile when he was screened for his heart problems.

Reiten hasn’t spoken to Hegerberg yet

Although the team captain has been in contact with Hegerberg, he still hasn’t spoken to all the other national team players.

I haven’t spoken to him in several years. We’re a little older now, maybe. We have to respect that we are a bit different and at some point draw the line and finish it,” Chelsea’s Guro Reiten told NRK.

Football, FIFA Women's World Cup Qualification, Norway, training

LITTLE TALKED: Guro Reiten and Ada Hegerberg are both from Sunndalsøra, but haven’t spoken to each other in recent years.


– Do you want an explanation?

I have expended as little energy as possible on his choices and all that he has done. It was something he had to fight for and explain. I wouldn’t spend any energy on it, and I still think so.

– Great to have in a group

All indications are that both Reiten, Hegerberg and Hansen will play for Norway in a World Cup qualifier at the Sandefjord on Thursday.

Norway meets Kosovo and Poland in this meeting. Key points will be rounded up, and Hansen believes they have a lot to gain from having an otherworldly star at home to Norway.

– Exist lovely to have in a group. He smiles and laughs, and he makes demands and works hard. “It wasn’t something we were surprised at when he came back,” Hansen said and continued:

I don’t find it hard to be good alone, but it helps that we are another class of players. “I think it contributes to more of our creative players getting space, because if you leave Ada out of sight it could be a chance or two,” said Hansen, who crushed Barcelona against Real Madrid in the Champions League quarter-finals recently.

Football, FIFA Women's World Cup Qualification, Norway, training

BLID: Ada Hegerberg looks pleased with his first training return in the national team outfit.


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