Three new exhibitions at the Pragovka Gallery present imaginary stories of a person’s (absence) in the world around him

The group exhibition Echo of the Depth in Space (until February 16) is divided into three separate chapters. They are Echo, Depths and In Space. The main aim of the show is to tell an imaginary story about the presence or absence of a person in the world around them through the artifacts on display.

Latvian artist Laimdota Malle uses a variety of media and visual materials. At the Ooze exhibition which runs until March 30, he works with the theme of humans and the transformation of their memories through time travel.

Exhibition closed

Gallery resident Veronika Landa then prepared the Up Close project, which is a selection of her works from the last creative period. The core of the author’s handwriting is characterized by comic abbreviations and street art as well as clear handwriting visuals. The exhibition lasts until February 16.

“We have included a total of twenty-two projects in our exhibition plan for 2023, including three foreign residencies, and a major exhibition of our gallery-resident artists. With these projects, the Pragovka Gallery returns to the original curatorial gallery concept in Pragovka and brings greater freedom of author expression to the exhibition program,” said gallery representative Filip Zimovjan.

Echo of the Depth in Space exhibition

Lu Jindrák Skřivánková presents his new work on a guided tour. The story of gold and silver from the human subconscious


The Crown Jewels Exhibition will be extended


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