Three people said to have died in attack in Kyiv

Two people are said to have been killed and seven injured in a Russian attack on aircraft maker Antonov in Kyiv on Monday morning.

A block of flats in the city is also said to have been hit by Russian artillery shells. One person died and 12 were injured.

Extensive damage

– As of 07:40 (06:40 Norwegian time), one dead person was found in a nine-story apartment block in the Oblon district of the capital, rescue services said in a recent statement.

Three people have been sent to hospital, nine others are receiving on-site health care, the agency said.

Earlier Monday morning, adviser Anton Gerashenko announced at the Ukrainian Interior Ministry that two people had died, wrote Sky News.

The state rescue service announced early Monday that a Russian artillery grenade had hit a nine-story apartment block and caused damage to several apartments.

Aircraft factory on fire

State-owned aircraft maker Antonov in Kyiv was also said to have been hit by artillery strikes Monday. Local authorities said two people were killed and seven injured.

The Antonov aircraft factory in Kyiv is the largest of its kind in Ukraine, and is known to produce many of the largest aircraft in the world.

Authorities in the capital said the fire broke out after the factory bombing.

Multiple attacks

Local media also reported that a TV tower near Rivne in western Ukraine had been hit by a Russian attack. It is not known if anyone was injured in the attack.

There was also a rocket attack on government buildings in the village of Stavisje in the Zhytomyr region at night, in which four people were injured.

According to Ukrainian authorities, the death toll in the besieged port city of Mariupol has risen by at least 2,500. The city had been the target of intense bombardment and siege for nearly two weeks. Several attempts to send emergency aid to the city, and to evacuate civilians, have failed.

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