Through the eyes of Sasha Mitrofanov: Two men from B, each very different

The main event today, not only in Poland or the Czech Republic, but also in Europe and the United States, is the war that Putin is waging against Ukraine with the prospect of continuing to the West, including Poland and the Czech Republic.

Biden went to Poland to make it clear that the United States, as the strongest member of the North Atlantic Alliance, along with other NATO members, would defend every inch of the territory of any member state that Russia would attack. He met with Ukrainian refugees and did not hide the profound experiences he had from these meetings. He told Ukraine that the United States would support them – and a point.

Grandma, as everyone understands, does not solve any world problems. After all, the world would not survive with such a leader, nor would he take the paranoia out of him. But at the same time, he’s not a billionaire good uncle who goes to the zoo to watch meerkats and hand out church sausages to kids. He aspires to become a member of the main opposition Czech Republic. He could not ignore the war, which threatened a dangerous approach to the Czech border. So what did he say to the Czechs and to the Ukrainians?

Czechs that they robbed them for the benefit of foreigners, who are Ukrainians. “You know, there are no apartments for disabled and single people in Prague. And I am happy that an apartment was found for Ukrainian refugees in Haštalská and Zlatnická. That’s a rock! Prague 1, Pařížská,” he said Thursday. Deputy Prime Minister Ivan Bartoš replied: “You entertained me with the flat. Your Minister of Government, Mrs Dostálová, and Mrs Schiller live there, in Paris – so the apartments are not strictly Paris, but they are related. Our service provides them so that we can accommodate families with children from Ukraine.”

But the kind of Czech Republican Babi targeted is hard to convince. These are the ones who almost said Grandpa and grandma ate our sandwiches. Grandpa and grandma are brothers and are still included in the basket. Not to mention, in the eyes of these people, Ukrainian women and children. Babiš papa this murky mass and it keeps him in political life. To have more on his plate, he went to Poland.

Biden reminded there that Ukraine stands for our freedom. Pigs go to Poland Findhow much petrol there. Meanwhile, the pushed mass pushed the others stick against refugees from countries where they fight for us. But it really wasn’t for him. It’s like a cockroach that survived a nuclear explosion. He adapts to every evil.

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