Tighten up: – Have to sleep alone on the trip

Storting president Masud Gharahkhani (Labor Party) and Storting president continued the work of cleaning up special arrangements in Løvebakken.

FRamover, politicians must find themselves sleeping alone on committee trips, without the famous snoring or warm shoulder of a girlfriend nearby.

Recently, Gharakhhani sent a clear message to all elected representatives: From now on, spouse, life partner or girlfriend cannot go abroad.

Dagbladet has seen the email that Gharakhhani sent.

No heavy duty

Apply for needs

In this case it is explained that the companion is now not allowed to join the tour except this person «necessary to protect the Stotting representative function” on the way.

In order for a spouse to be deemed necessary for the Storting operation, the representative must now apply to the administration in writing in advance.

Dagbladet is not aware of any parliamentary representative who believes that a wife or husband is so representative.

Such a scheme may be of little use.

Had to sleep alone on the trip

«It is not allowed to accompany the companion (spouse/cohabiting partner) on the committee and delegation trips at home or abroad, unless there are medical reasons or other compelling reasons.», wrote Gharakhhani in the letter.

– Very rare

As far as Dagbladet is concerned, it’s not uncommon for couples to join politicians on trips.

But there are honorable exceptions, and some politicians have previously had partners on committee trips abroad, voluntarily or not.

– It is true that the president has made a decision on this. It is a case that friends are very rare on committee trips, Storting President Masud Gharahkhani told Dagbladet.

– That the individual companion in any case includes the journey itself, has become commonplace along the way. The presidential decree relates to the purge which we believe is necessary. When you go on an official journey as a companion, you get into a situation where safety and responsibility are important, he added.

Stirred Store: - Making an impression

Stirred Store: – Making an impression

At the same time, Masud Gharahkhani stressed that there may be “coercive reasons” that could entitle the companion to be with the spouse/person who lives together while traveling.

Last fall, Dagbladet published a long, but not comprehensive, list of custom schemes in Storting. Free electricity in commuter homes is one of them.

Following the commuter housing scandal this fall, which saw Storting President Eva Kristin Hansen (Labor Party) lose her job, Dagbladet has revealed that Storting politicians are receiving double vacation pay.

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