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READY FOR THE SEMIFINALS: Casper Ruud can cheer after the win against Holger Rune.

PARIS / OSLO (VG) (Casper Ruud – Holger Rune 6–1, 4–6, 7–6, 6–3) Casper Ruud (23) advances to French Open semifinals, but not at all impressed with behavior for Denmark Holger Rune (19).


For the first time in his career, Casper Ruud made it to the semifinals of the French Open, having beaten Denmark’s Holger Rune in four sets. Ruud started the match well, but Rune fought back and won the second set. Key for Ruud was victory in the third set, which he won in the tiebreak. In the fourth set, Ruud finished the match at his best and won the match.

Two minutes past one, Ruud met with the journalists at the press center under the main line of the Roland Garros facility. And Ruud was very clear about what he thought of the Dane’s behavior during the game. He answered the question in exactly six minutes.

– It’s dramatic, there’s no doubt about that. There’s a lot of emotion involved, so that’s understandable. He is young and a little more experienced than me. I get frustrated and can make some noise and I also scream sometimes. This is done very quickly in tennis. I’m not going to stand here and say he behaved badly, but there was a lot of screaming and screaming and a bit of drama at times. He makes it work, so he probably won’t stop doing it, Ruud told VG.

– If he wants to spend his energy roaring, yelling and making fun of him, then he can do it, continued Ruud.

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When both players had to thank for the match, it ended with Ruud shaking his head in exasperation.

– He barely looked at me and then he looked away and didn’t say anything. I think tennis is a men’s sport, and you have to be grateful for the game when it’s over. There’s nothing to gain from it, so there’s no point in returning anything, I noticed.

The 23-year-old Ruud was known to be calm and sane, but left nothing in between rune descriptions.

– What do you think about the differences between the two of you?

– I don’t know Holger personally, but have seen on TV that sometimes there is a lot of drama. He’s young and new so that’s forgivable, but when you’re on the big stage, it might be time to grow up a bit. There are other players who can get angry and destroy the racket in this case, but I think it’s possible to show respect to the opponent. What he showed today at least in my world is not something that is highly respected.

VG confronts Rune that the Norwegian thinks he is showing no respect to the opponent.

– I’ve said enough in the media that he’s a tough player, especially in the gravel. He has had some great results. I don’t understand where it came from, said Rune.

Holger Rune played against the stands and against Ruud himself during the match. When Ruud towards the end of the third set comes with a message to Rune, the TV picture picks up Rune who replies by saying “don’t talk to me” (don’t talk to me). Rune herself confirmed after the match she said.

– He asked for a pretty clear sign out. About 10 inches out. I asked him if he should check every sign. He asked me to be quiet. I said it’s probably not the best thing to say to your opponent when he’s talking to you. Then he said it again. I didn’t talk to him again after that. “If that’s what he wants to say and how he wants to behave, then it’s up to him,” Ruud told his England section press conference after the game.

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