Panoramic of the Guanajuato City woth buildings and blue sky

If there is one thing that can describe Guanajuato, it has towns and cities with a rather bohemian and romantic atmosphere that is hard to resist. Whether you take one of the flights to Guanajuato for a couple’s trip, an anniversary trip or a way to rekindle love, here are some of the most effective places to get carried away by romance in this magical place.

San Miguel de Allende

This city is one of the places that will never go out of style to get engaged, get married and even go for a honeymoon. Its beautiful colonial architecture, dotted with colorful facades and secret alleyways, make this town distill romance during the day and at night, so San Miguel is ideal for a candlelight dinner, a night walk among its streets and finish the night demonstrating love. Well, to spend the night the hotels of San Miguel won´t disappoint you, and if your plan is to spend a couple of days in San Miguel, you can include a visit to the nearby vineyards or a thermal spa.

Balcony and staris wiht plants, at San Miguel de Allende


The corners of the most romantic city of Mexico are perfect to give a romantic touch to any trip, and to sample is the famous Alley of the Kiss, a place that will give you a pretext or rather an important reason to bring your lips to those of your partner, because according to the legend those couples who kiss in the alley seal their love forever. On the other hand, if the chemistry between the two is on the right track, surely it won´t be long before the architecture of Guanajuato makes you feel at times in a place similar to the one that inspired the Romeo and Juliet novel. They say that the nights are of the cats and the lovers and in Guanajuato, the best way to start counting stars is with the typical alleyways, where the Estudiantinas make the nocturnal charm of the city transform into pure romanticism to the beat of the mandolin.

Mineral de Pozos

If you promised your partner that you would escape together to a place away from everything and everyone, then you should go to Mineral de Pozos, this old mining town full of history is excellent to spend moments of true romance, the biggest reason because this place is a great option for a romantic getaway, is the intimacy that gives it extreme tranquility. Mineral de Pozos is far from being a noisy place and on the contrary, it gives the perfect scenario to listen and connect without distractors. Another reason is that if both share an adventurous spirit, here you will find many activities that will make you remember this trip for a long time, since you can take horseback rides to explore the abandoned mines, visit the aromatic lavender fields and make exciting motorcycle tours all terrain through the semi-desert landscapes of the region.
If you were looking for the perfect place to express your love to the fullest, it is time to take one of the flights to Guanajuato and visit all these places where you will find the perfect inspiration to spend all your time together.

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