Poza azul monterrey

 Many travelers consider that when you take one of the flights to Monterrey Mexico it will be a completely business trip, because this is what characterizes this city. However, the reality is that the city itself has its own tourist attractions, and added to this its location; it is perfect to know many places of Nuevo León, so unique that every traveler should know. Therefore, when you travel to this city, you should pack comfortable clothes to visit historic places, squares, alleys and natural beauties.

Villa de Santiago

Enjoy a few days at the Magic Village Villa de Santiago, which is only half an hour from the city. To get there you have to cross the Sierra Madre Oriental and the Sierra de la Silla, the view is enchanting with a clear sky and vegetation, the panorama invites you to the adventure with activities of hiking, zip line, rappel, climbing, among others, here you will feel how adrenaline runs throughout your body. 

Visit The Parish of Santiago Apostol, an architectural marvel in the center, the old municipal palace that currently functions as a museum, runs through Ocampo Square while tasting typical Mexican candies and enters one of the colonial restaurants in the center to savor the best Mexican dishes.

Villa Santiago

Poza Azul

You and your family will be speechless when you arrive at Poza Azul, a colonial town surrounded by mountains and forest, being in direct contact with nature this place transmits relaxation, happiness and allows you to forget about stress. We recommend that you take a walk with all your family and know the Parish of San José; its architecture is neoclassical style, with white facade and two towers that contain inside two bells that are played every hour inviting tourists and inhabitants to attend mass. On the other hand, if you are a wine lover, then you should know the wine cellars where you can observe the wine process from selection, maceration and alcoholic fermentation to bottling. Take the opportunity to get a glass of wine that comes from the barracks that keep sparkling wines, whites, reds, among others. Leaving the place, run to put on your swimsuit, grab your life jacket and immerse yourself in the crystal clear water of the Poza Azul lagoon that is open to the general public, where experts and first-timers practice swimming.

Parras de la Fuente

The Town of Parras de la Fuente is located in the municipality of Nuevo Leon, 3 hours from Monterrey, the country atmosphere allows you to spend a few days relaxing, the landscapes you will see are those offered by nature with abundant vegetation, waterfalls and rivers with water of spring. If you have a strong taste for wine, then visit the vineyards, here are the oldest in Latin America, take the opportunity to taste some liquor or brandy made in the region.

Parras de la fuente

There are still many places that can give an extra to all the flights to Monterrey, but with these, you can start discovering the beauties that surround this great city wrapped in business and modernity.