Many of the good memories that we keep for a long time, and which we always like to talk about, are usually about the adventures we have with our friends; this is because they are the ones that encourage us to go for more new experiences. However, among all the places we can travel, no choice is better than getting airline tickets to Mexico, a perfect country to have unforgettable experiences that is why here we mention some of the most charming destinations where everyone will be happy in any moment.

Riviera Maya

Imagine finding everything in one destination, clear and calm beaches, imposing archaeological sites, villages surrounded by nature, delicious cuisine, adventure sports and of course, party. Well, the Riviera Maya has it all and is ideal for traveling with friends, as well as its attractions, also has alternatives for any budget. Its beaches are impressive and can be traveled by strategic stops according to your interests, for example, if you prefer archeology can base in Tulum and travel to Coba and Cozumel, to move to Playa del Carmen where you can do extreme activities, visit caves or underground rivers and at night, dance until dawn.

Huasteca Region

Huasteca Region

Although it is located between six different states that have coastal and mountain landscapes, this area contains a charm that is understood only by spending a few days there enjoying its culture, its nature and an indescribable atmosphere. This area is ideal for lovers of fresh water, where they can spend most of the day doing activities such as swimming, rafting, torrentism, spelunking and even diving in lagoons. For all this the best places to do it is the Huasteca Potosina with destinations such as Ciudad Valles and its surroundings at the head, in the state of Veracruz the region has a beachier tone with exquisite cuisine and destinations such as Álamo and Castillo de Teayo, where you can see the influence of Huasteca culture on architecture.

Riviera Nayarit

Inspired by the success of the tourist corridor of the Mexican Caribbean, the Pacific is also positioning itself with the beautiful beaches that make up the coast of the state of Nayarit, and here you will also find options for any pocket, from luxury beaches such as Punta from Mita or Nuevo Vallarta, to quiet and cozy small towns such as San Francisco or Rincon de Guayabitos. In the historical and cultural theme, nothing compares with the Mexcaltitan Island, where it was presumed that the Mexicas were born, in winter its streets can only be traveled by boat and the small houses with tile roofs make the environment unique. Rincon de Guayabitos will be a destination that you will love if you enjoy diving, since in its small and quiet beaches you will find an impressive biodiversity.
As you can see, the diversity of Mexico is quite and the places to be known are even bigger, so you and your friends will need more than some airline tickets to Mexico to go through a bit of everything the country can offer you.

Beach View of Rivera Nayarit

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