Tips for the weekend: Veteranfest, wine festival or folklore in Strážnice

2022 Stražnice International Folklore Festival

  • 23 – 26 June, Stranice

During the festival you can enjoy the beauty of folk songs, dances and costumes in ceremonial processions and in many different performances, try out dances from foreign parts of the world and sing and dance along with folk music. Here you will find entertainment and lessons, you can watch not only our performances but also foreign ensembles and get to know other cultures. Many spectators have participated in the popular Competition for the Best Dancer Slovácko Verbuňka over the years, and some of them will even dance in it. Not only the visitors themselves, but also dozens of artists from us and the world are always looking forward to the annual gathering, because this festival is traditionally a meeting place for friends of tradition and folk entertainment.

Veteranfest Slavkov 2022

Nearly a thousand historic vehicles and motorcycles are headed to Slavkov again! The largest open-air gathering of Czech auto-moto lovers and owners will take place in the grounds and gardens of the castle. The traditional event attracts not only unique performances of historic cars, motorcycles, tractors, bicycles, but also a period atmosphere. Castle gardens will beautify the women of the First Republic, dancing swings between cars and children are also not forgotten.

Znojmo . Craftsman Wine Festival

The aim of the Artisan Wine Festival is to present and offer natural and handcrafted wines from Znojmo and its surroundings. It takes place on the terrace of the Chatka wine bar and in the adjacent Capuchin Gardens, on Saturday 25 June from 14:00 to 20:00.
The festival will feature small family wineries from nearby areas, offering both artisanal and natural wines. The wine is spontaneously fermented with minimal intervention during vinification (sulfurization, clarification, filtration, etc.), mostly produced by oxidation in casks, clay-fired containers, concrete tanks of grapes originating from vineyards maintained in an organic regime or biodynamics.

Authentic tour: Summer in Brno

Get to know summer Brno with a professional guide on an authentic tour. You can visit it on weekdays and weekends, with or without the kids. There’s also the legends and ghosts of the popular Brno, Brno Exhibition Grounds, Art Nouveau or Morytates, as well as news such as murals, the New Town Hall, exploring the underworld from the ship’s deck, Kamenka or an all-encompassing title tour Arrive in a square iron caravan. You can also get to know the brewery, villas in erný Pole and even Death and Decay in Brno. You are also invited to the districts of Královo Pole, Obřany and Maloměřice, Stará Líšeň or take a walk through Villa Tugendhat to Cejl.

Exhibition of wild plants as food, spices and medicine

The author of the exhibition is the botanist Radomír Němec of the South Moravian Museum in Znojmo. Exhibition in recent years, has visited several museums in the South Moravian Region. It will bring visitors to a world not only wild plants. They will serve up plants that are traditionally edible, but also plants that will surprise you with their usefulness in the kitchen. Visually, they are eye-catching at first glance and visitors literally draw dried plants between them.

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