Tix responds to boyfriend rumors

And what he said spent the gas on the fire!

Andreas Haukeland (29), perhaps best known as artist Tix, is currently in charge of the new Paradise concept, which will premiere on May 30.

There will be some interesting changes in the popular reality series, which has changed its name from “Paradise Hotel” to “Paradise” and launched in an entirely new form with a focus on contemporary values. Paradise was also filmed in a new place in Mexico – the luxury resort of Playa Nix.

boyfriend rumors

But right now it’s the love life of host Andreas Haukeland, or Tix, that people worry about the most.

The real multi-artist first known through Paradise Hotel has emerged as a single person for a long time, and knows very well how to protect her privacy from the public eye, but lately many have suggested that she may be more established than she claims to be. before.

In an interview with Nettavisen during Paradise preview, he was reluctant Online newspaper questions about his own marital status. They wrote the answer came after a long pause to think.

– Love lives come and go, Haukeland told Nettavisen during an interview.

He went on to say that “the time is not right to reveal further details”. But it looked like he had news to announce at last when he added:

– Things come when they come.

He assures that he is very nice during the day, but won’t elaborate on whether this is because he has a girlfriend or not.

– I’m fine now. “It’s been a long journey over the last two years and there’s a lot to be told, and things to be told properly,” he said very vaguely to Nettavisen.

In an interview with VG Last fall, Haukeland opened up about wanting a girlfriend.

– No, I don’t have one, but I really want a boyfriend, then, he replied in October.

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