Train from Hell. Russia builds a post-apocalyptic tricycle out of an old woman

Do you have an old pepper at home, but its passive security seems a bit much to you? Want to build something wilder out of it? Inspiration can be the creations of the Garage 54 Russia YouTube channel. Who else can come up with this type of construction.

The workshop took the powertrain from an unnamed woman, but we assumed that it was an old version of the “zhigulik” – the engine had not fuel injection, but a carburetor. They shortened the support shaft and put the whole thing on a custom-built frame made of tube trimmed just enough to create the mouse-family style.

Headlight shooting old style? Even systems built on the knee work


The drum brake front wheel comes from an unspecified bike – and here comes the first stumbling block. In a car, the two front wheels handle most of the braking. Not a problem here, it’s narrower and only with drum brakes.

On the other hand, hard braking is not something one really wants on this machine. Note that right at the driver’s groin there is a part of the machine frame with fairly sharp edges. And the driver’s seat has no side rails, let alone seat belts.

It’s probably obvious that nothing like this is allowed on the roads even in Russia, let alone here or anywhere else in the European Union. But it can be fun, and maybe quite wild, when we hear comments on the video that this is “the train from hell”.

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