If you like to go on vacation and visit beautiful places in the world: “Central America” is the place you need to visit.

Places of Central America


An island made up of two volcanoes, one that expels fumaroles and the other in whose chasm lies a lagoon.

Located in the largest lake in Central America that also has beautiful natural landscapes and a beautiful local flora and fauna, sounds pretty impressive right?

Ometepe Island is one of the most impressive places in Central America, you can find hostels from 5 USD a night


Full meals for 2 USD and if you want to explore the island you can take buses for less than 1 USD each way.

Rent a bike for 5 USD a day or a motorcycle for 20 USD a day. So with a budget of around 15 USD per day you can enjoy this incredible island.

ANTIGUA – Guatemala

The most beautiful and colorful colonial city in Central America is a destination that will captivate you from the first moment you walk through its cobblestone streets, contemplate the beauty of its historic buildings, ancient cathedrals, ruins from earthquakes, live its vibrant nightlife and be amazed by the imposing Hunahpú volcano, which gives an almost fantasy background to the city.

ANTIGUA - Guatemala

You can find lodging in this city from 5-6 USD, full meals or street food such as roast chicken from the famous Pollo Campero restaurant of Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga in the market square for about 2 USD or less and you can simply walk through its streets and find cultural plans at no cost, so you can spend a season in this beautiful city for about 15 USD per day.


With its intricately carved stelae, its almost perfectly preserved ball court, its ruins that merged over the years with nature .

And the beautiful macaws that can be admired around the archaeological complex, the ruins of Copan in Honduras, are a destination worth traveling to if you are in Central America.

Entrance to the archaeological site is relatively expensive, but it is worth the $15 USD to visit one of the most important cities of the Mayan civilization.


You can find lodging in the town of Copan Ruinas from 6 USD, full meals or delicious chimichangas, pupusas or baleadas for 2 USD or less and you can literally walk to the ruins from the town.

Apart from the entrance fee, with a budget of 15 USD per day, you can visit this must-see destination.

We know there are many more options of places in Central America to have a good time but we thought that for the moment you could start by visiting these places.

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