City of Monterrey in Mexico

The interesting thing about going on vacation is not always to take the perfect tan; many times, it is also important to know new cultures and the history it hides.

Knowing new places will give you a different perspective on life, will make you more cultured and at the same time open your mind to new horizons.

That’s why this time we suggest you take one of the flights to Monterrey MX and go into its wonderful history.

The Cerro de la Silla in Monterrey
Monterrey.- El Cerro de la Silla

A state so complete talking about gastronomy, culture, history, landscapes among many other things.

At the top of the bishopric hill is the museum, in this great imposing construction the history of the city is reflected through its 10 thematic areas.

For the entire tour of the museum, all you will need is “imagination” that will make you transport yourself to the past to better enjoy the stories of the tour.

The valuable collection consists of paintings, sculptures and manuscripts, among other valuable objects for our history.

If you have some free time, you should visit the Museum of Contemporary Art, also known as MARCO.

Museum of Contemporary Art in Monterrey

This large building located in the Macroplaza, houses all those visitors who wish to appreciate the most avant-garde new works of art.

This museum is very important since the renowned artists of the region and national territory take their works there to be appreciated.

Within this great regiomontano territory, there are many places of interest, but one of the most striking is the Alpha Planetarium, in which you can observe the universe in a really interesting and imposing way.

It is not necessary to describe everything because our imagination gives us the tools to know what is inside.

This is the perfect option to learn more about our universe in a more practical and interesting way.

Possibly the place where we find more cultural activities in this great city is in the center, where the majestic Government Palace is located, declared as a national monument.

Just look at its beautiful and majestic contemporary and historical architecture to know why it is considered as such.

At the moment this great palace is campus of a cultural space, this contains sculptures, art, important ancient documents among others.

The purpose of this is to publicize more about the laws, forms of government and society within the state.

The Candy Museum in Monterrey

On the other hand, for lovers of typical candies is the Candy Museum, which aims to demonstrate the importance of typical candies in the region.

During the tour of this museum, we can observe and learn the elaboration of some of them, such as the famous glorias or its delicious pralines, without a doubt for visitors this may be the favorite during a vacation to this great city and to take home a delicious souvenir for our friends.

We invite you to enjoy a weekend in the northernmost country of the entire Mexican Republic.

Just remember to search among the flights to Monterrey Mx, there is no way to loss, when you arrive at the beautiful destination you will love its history and culture, it has so much to offer and the hospitality of its people, they will also make you spend a pleasant moment.