Tulum RuinsThe magic of Mexico overflows everywhere, it is very easy to discover everything that its corners hide, we just have to take time and voilà, it will become part of us. This time we invite you to know a magical place and with many secrets to reveal. Take your bags and join us on this journey through Quintana Roo, so that flights to Mexico Cancun are super easy to find and with great promotions.

Located just a couple of hours from Cancun is a beautiful and charming place where you can leave the stress and explore it will be the greatest of our plans. This place has been declared a Magic Town due to its history and its conservation, it is known as Tulum, it belongs to the state of Quintana Roo and it is located at the southern end of the Rivera Maya.

Ruins by the SeaThe climate of Tulum is warm, sub-humid most of the year, so with all confidence, you can bring thinner clothes and a bathing suit, because we will already tell you what you are going to find in this place and we are sure that you will like it. You can get rid of shoes during your stay in Tulum, as it will be more comfortable and you will rest better if you are in sandals.

Bedazzled by the mysticism of this Mayan city, since when you arrive it will be like going back in time, specifically by the year 564. The city of dawn, as it was known at that time, will leave you perplexed to enjoy its nature and history of the ancestors. Now, let’s go straight to what we can do in Tulum.

Its main tourist attraction is the archeological zones, which are an important step to know how they lived and part of the Mayan culture that existed hundreds of years ago. Walking through all the spaces and discovering history connects us emotionally with the essence of the place. This area is very well located and the conservation of its buildings, paintings and murals have made this wonderful place a World Heritage Site, and Tulum in general as a Magic Town. The best part is that in this place you can arrive with a bathing suit since it is allowed to swim in the beach that is there.

The second most visited site by all tourists is the archaeological site called Cobá, this can only be found in the depths of the jungle. It is worth mentioning that the place has an accessible cost, and there we can go up to the observatory, the tallest Mayan building in the world, where you can enjoy an impressive view.

But don´t believe that it is the only history, no, it also has some phenomenal beaches that when you get, your feet will feel the softness of its white sand and your eyes will be dazzled by the brightness that the sun reflects in its crystalline waters. The most popular are:  Akumal, Xcacel, and Bahia Prince beaches. Besides being the most delicious beaches in Tulum, they are also turtle sanctuaries, and you can get a tour to get to know them and release them.

Visiting Tulum will take a couple of days so you can enjoy all the attractions it offers to the public. Find a good vacation plan that contains flights to Mexico Cancun and let its magic work on you.