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Few are the travelers that take one of the flights to San Luis Potosi and decide to cross it from head to toe, because the state has many places to visit. We are talking about places where if something is sure, it is that you won´t get bored, so pay attention to these that we will mention and we hope you decide to go through this beautiful state.


City of San Luis Potosí

Beginning with the capital city, declared in 2010 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the capital of the state has a beautiful and cozy historic center, and during the holidays this city is not so crowded, and is ideal to explore it with tranquility.


Real de Catorce

It was originally a mining town and is currently a tourist town located in the heart of the Sierra de Catorce in the northern state of San Luis Potosí. If you want to visit it, you should bear in mind that during the night the temperature drops a lot in the desert, so we recommend you take a good jacket to withstand the cold of the night. The town practically seems to be a ghost place but precisely this calmness is what makes it very attractive for many.


City Valles

It is the second city in importance of the state, this because it is the center of trade and supply of the entire region, besides being one of the main producers of sugar in the country. This city is a strategic point to visit places like Micos waterfall, basement of the Guaguas, the Tampaón River, since from here you can go and come between these points with the best services.


Tamul Waterfall

This destination is usually full of people throughout the year, but if you decide to visit San Luis Potosí on summer vacation, you should know that you would find this waterfall with that characteristic turquoise color. Although the season doesn´t matter, we assure you that it will be equally impressive to see that drop of 105 meters, after all, it is the largest waterfall in the state.

Tamul waterfall
Tamul waterfall

Mantetzulel caves

Just 8 kilometers from Aquismon in San Luis Potosí, there are the lost caves of Mantetzulel, a protected natural area considered a national monument. There are four caves within the jungle that shelter an endless number of animal species and of course vegetables, inside each of the caves nature has created formations that they say represent animal guardians.


Half Moon Lagoon

In the municipality of Río Verde, is one of the main natural attractions of the state, which owes its name to the fact that the entire body of water forms a half moon. The temperature of the water is so warm that when you get to this place you will feel immense desire to get into the water, people who have dived in this lagoon have found pre-Hispanic pieces and even mammoth remains during their explorations.

Half moon lagoon
Half moon lagoon

Don´t be afraid of adventure and make the most of flights to San Luis Potosí, visiting these places and many more that protect a unique beauty that few travelers can presume to know.

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