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Marietas Island


The flights to Puerto Vallarta allow us to know natural places with a unique beauty, that is why today we will talk about one in particular, the Marietas Islands, a protected natural area and now regulated by the Mexican authorities, since by becoming viral through social networks, at some point it had to close its doors to the public in order to continue conserving its natural characteristics.

An urban legend tells that during the Second World War, the Mexican army was bombing in this small archipelago located in the Bay of Banderas, known as the Marietas Islands. We do not know how true it is, but the truth is that in the place you can see natural caverns whose rocks look like burned, and in one of these small volcanic islands is Escondida beach, one of the most spectacular in Mexico. Something we can assure you is that this place has become famous thanks to its peculiar beauty.

The Marietas Islands are located 35 km from Puerto Vallarta, home to migratory and continental marine birds; here is the largest population worldwide of bobos birds with yellow legs, brown and blue. Its Marine Park protects in total 44 species of flora and fauna, several of them in danger of extinction, for what is also considered as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

If you are a traveler who likes to practice ecotourism, travel with your family or romantic plan, in Marietas Islands you can find a refuge for birdwatching and the marine life of Banderas Bay, you can practice scuba diving, have fun snorkeling and admire lots of underwater landscapes full of life and color, as well as of course, know its romantic hidden beach.

From Puerto Vallarta, there is a tour that takes you in a few minutes to the Marietas, during the whale-watching season you can see the whales swimming and emerging in the surroundings, which makes it even more spectacular.


Escondida beach or Amor beach

This beach in addition to the flora, fauna and marine life that surrounds the Marietas Islands, is the main attraction of the place, and as its name says, it is not at first sight, because to reach it you have to go swimming in a tunnel rocky of approximately 45 meters. Sometimes it is impossible to reach it since the tide is high and the tunnel is flooded, but if you run with luck, you can enjoy one of the most spectacular beaches that you can meet in Mexico. This beach, like the whole place, is also a protected natural area, so we must help to preserve it so that it can remain a sanctuary open to all.

beach of love
Amor Beach


When you choose any of the flights to Puerto Vallarta, don´t forget to take a tour of the Marietas Islands, this incredible gift of nature, and reflect on how taking care of our natural areas can reward us with scenarios like these, which are unique in their kind.

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