Climbing on Chiapas

Ecotourism is currently one of the major tourist trends in the world, and is that this activity is carried out trying not to alter, or failing to alter the minimum nature to preserve the ecosystems, fauna and flora found here. Motivating a sustainable development with which, in addition to the tourist can enjoy the attractions, communities can benefit from income from tourism, and quite a few travelers who take one of the flights to Chiapas looking to follow this type tourism, because the state has many places for all kinds of ecotourism activities.

Climbing and Rappelling

There are several places where you can practice these sports, but none compares with the Sima de las Cotorras, a place that you have probably heard about since it is a large cave over 100 meters deep, inside which are beautiful green and blue parrots. Where there are also cave paintings, here are tours to practice the descent or climbing and another place is known as La Venta River Canyon, whose highest wall measures about 400 meters.

Organic Coffee Tasting

Without a doubt, Chiapas coffee is one of the best in the world, prepared in the high mountains of the Chiapaneca highlands. There are places where coffee is literally cut from the sky, one of which is Finca Hamburgo, which also offers lodging options and visits to coffee plantations.

Tasting Coffee

Mountain biking


There are several places to practice Mountain Biking in the State of Chiapas; one of them is the Sumidero Canyon itself, the Lacandon Forest on the Tapachula side, in the coffee farms like Finca Argovia, which has beautiful mountainous landscapes and the La Changa ecotouristic center, where there are paths that lead you through canyons and cliffs.



If you like to explore the bowels of the earth, then you should know that Chiapas is characterized by having a huge number of caves; several of them are difficult to access and only for experienced spelunkers. Others are very accessible and interesting, since they were in their time, places considered sacred by the Mayan Lacandon Indians. An example is the Caves of San Francisco near Comitán, they are a Natural wonder in which they inhabit insects, birds, endemic plants and thousands of bats.


Chiapas is full of rivers and lagoons where you can practice this sport, but you have to be careful if you do it alone, since some rivers in the rainy season have rapids and are not suitable for novices. One of the best sites for your practice is the Sumidero Canyon, the Montebello Lagoons or, in Ecotourism Centers such as Las Guacamayas, Las Nubes or El Castaño that has beautiful mangroves.

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