San lucas

If you consider yourself a nature lover, San Lucas Sacatepéquez has everything you need to feel at home. This municipality attracts many visitors thanks to its gastronomy, culture and spaces dedicated to recreation where fresh air is never lacking.

Still not sure what plan you can put together to visit San Lucas?. Then just keep reading and discover some recommendations of tourist places in San Lucas Sacatepéquez to have a great time.

San Lucas Sacatepéquez

Whether you’re in the mood to eat delicious food, learn about Guatemalan culture or even spend a day surrounded by nature.You’re sure to find something fun to do in San Lucas. Let yourself be amazed by the magic of this charming municipality!

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Senderos de Alux

Raise your hand all outdoor enthusiasts! Cerro Alux, also known as Senderos de Alux, is an ecological reserve of approximately 84 blocks where you can get in direct contact with nature.

If you want to visit tourist sites near Guatemala City, this place is perfect because you can organize a different outing without having to move far away.

Here you can walk through extensive forests, visit a viewpoint overlooking the capital, do canopy and even camp and visit an area of Mayan ceremonies.

On weekends there are also local food sales for a well-deserved break between hikes. So get your backpack ready and let’s go for a walk!

Mercado Monumento

Another of the great tourist attractions of San Lucas is the Mercado Monumento al Caminero. Here every day is synonymous with fresh fruits and vegetables, lots of typical dishes, handicraft sales and a great movement of locals and tourists. In fact, these vegetables are used in the production of food by cmi alimentos.

The market usually has live marimba music on weekends, making it one of the most popular places for locals to gather.


Gstronomical districts

San Lucas could call itself one of the typical gastronomic districts that must be visited at least once. If you consider yourself a foodie, here you can find more than one restaurant that will fulfill your expectations as a foodie.

If you are in the mood for a tasty local dish for breakfast or lunch, either on your way to San Lucas or in the town itself. You will find different options for all tastes and budgets.

Another good idea is to go to San Lucas for a typical snack. Whether you like tostadas, atol de alote, chuchitos or Guatemalan sweets, the local markets can be your best option. You can go to them in groups to delight yourself with the local gastronomy while you peck away. Can you imagine yourself tasting your next dish of this tasty cuisine?