Monterrey Mier


One of the great benefits of taking the flights to Monterrey MX is that the city is surrounded by many places that can be easily known starting from the city, and although Monterrey has enough places to enjoy and get to know, take a break in any of these destinations will give your trip a nice bonus.

Cuatro Ciénegas, Coahuila

Located in the desert region in the state of Coahuila, it is located at the bottom of a basin surrounded by the Sierra Madre Oriental, this is a protected area and an important ecological reserve due to its biodiversity and because there is a unique place, where develops flora and fauna on gypsum soils. On your tour, you can observe diversity of species such as the golden lizard, the white shell turtle, the hinge water turtle and most fascinating, two species of mojarras.

Parras de la Fuente, Coahuila

This unique town was originally named Villa de Santa María de Las Parras because of its proven fertility, its monumental corners tell us about an agricultural development that places it in the first places of the production of wines, spirits and various liquors, so famous and appreciated as its textile industry specialized in denim, considered of high quality throughout the world. In the first days of November, the Sweet and Nut Festival is celebrated, in which all the Parras confectioners gather to share their products with the whole community and with the visitors that are in the place, which they can acquire the exquisite variety of nut, fig, grape, pine nut and cajeta candies.

Ghost Town Mier Monterrey

Mier, Tamaulipas

On the northern fringe of the state of Tamaulipas that borders the United States, is Mier City, a colonial town founded towards the middle of the 18th century, the protagonist of the Mexico-United States war in the 19th century and recognized in 2007 as Magic Town for its history, customs and legends. Moments of great importance accompany other constructions, such as the house where the Texan soldiers submitted by the Mexican army remained in prison in 1842, also known as Bean House, because according to popular history the commander of the square refused to comply with the order of shooting all the prisoners, keeping them prisoners in this house and resolving to shoot only one in ten that they would choose by drawing a lot using beans.

Arteaga, Coahuila

Arteaga captivates with its beautiful wooded places to anyone who visits it, with a rich aroma of fruits and a colorful mountain range that seems to embrace with admiration this enchanting destiny. A few kilometers to the south, you can visit the complex Forest of Monterreal, which has several tracks for skiing, available for tourists throughout the year even without snow, so if you are looking for a quiet environment you only need to rent a cabin and from the terrace, you will have beautiful views of Arteaga.

Don´t miss the opportunity to discover any of these places in your next search for flights to Monterrey MX and let them give a nice extra to your trip through this great Mexican city.