Tlaxco from the air

We know that you have made the purchase of your plane tickets to Mexico, but you are still not convinced how much you will visit there, so we cover your back and tell you about a place that you may not have heard about it yet, but It belongs to the list of the Magical Towns of this beautiful country and best of all, it is relatively close to Mexico City. This small town that we are going to tell you belongs to the free and sovereign state of Tlaxcala, which is located in the eastern region of the country; most of the economy of this state is based on agriculture, light industry, and tourism.

The Magic Town that we recommend for this next vacation or weekend getaway is called Tlaxco, it is a beautiful place surrounded by mountains, forests, plains covered with magueys and a large lagoon, the perfect place to rest from the big cities and the pollution. It also has a lot of history and excellent cuisine, which gives the perfect touch to this new experience.

Hacienda Tlaxco

The first thing we recommend is to stay at the Hacienda San Pedro de la Cueva, which is the best place to rest according to a survey of tourists who come to this place. This is located approximately fifteen minutes from the city center and has activities within the hacienda that we know you will enjoy very much. On the other hand, if your check out is on Sunday, you can´t miss breakfast with a tasty and delicious barbecue.

On your visit to the center, you can find the parish of San Agustín and the Chapel of the Holy Calvary, which stand out for their wonderful architecture, its beautiful facades and all the art embodied in its walls and altarpieces.

In addition, if you are adventurous, you like eco-tourism and strolling in the open air, this place will give you what you are looking for, you just have to go to the Atlangatepec lagoon. It is a huge mirror of clear water, where you will find boats to practice fishing Sports or just take a walk in the middle of this wonderful place.

As we mentioned before, this place also has excellent cuisine and one of its specialties is the barbecue in a hole, handmade cheese of Tenate, requeson, natural pulque or taste of delicious enchiladas de epazote or the smoked ones. There is also a place that is very popular among residents and tourists, it is the El Portal restaurant, this beautiful restaurant was founded more than fifty years ago and is the ideal place to taste a pea soup with nopalitos, a chamorro to the pulque, or a mixiote of ram.

Hand Made Cheese

These are just some of the things you can find in this beautiful Magic Town of Tlaxco, you will need a good weekend to explore all its wonders and its corners full of history, flavor and color. Take advantage of those plane tickets to Mexico and discover that each state you visit will leave you with an adventure and new experience to tell. Invite your friends to enjoy all this and take home an exquisite taste, and what you can´t miss, upload to your social networks these wonderful landscapes that Tlaxcala has for you.