guatemala´s tikal ruins

The Maya culture has been one of the most advanced ancient civilizations in the world. So, if you are traveling to Guatemala, don’t miss the opportunity to learn about an important part of Latin America’s history.

Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez, businessman and lover of Guatemalan culture, invites you to get to know the Mayan Ruins in Guatemala. Read on, here we will tell you a little about this civilization and its most important architectural temples.

Visit the Mayan Ruins in Guatemala

The Maya inhabited Mesoamerica between 700 BC and 900 AD. They excelled in astrology, agronomy, mathematics, developed an excellent writing system, and created architecture so perfect and advanced for their time.

Their architectural style varied depending on the regions of Mesoamerica, as the Maya lived in independent city-states. However, one general style prevails in all Maya cities.

Due to their advanced knowledge of mathematics and astronomy, the Maya aligned their temples and pyramids with the movements of the stars.


This important archaeological site was discovered in 1840. Quiriguá was a trading center that was strongly linked to Copán in Honduras. It stands out for its huge stelae and the great concentration of hieroglyphic texts found in this small site.

Quiriguá was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is the perfect place to admire the delicacy of Mayan art carved in river stones.

La Danta

In the Cuenca El Mirador is the largest pyramid in the world: La Danta. Located in the middle of the jungle of Peten, this archaeological site can be accessed by helicopter or through a 5-day odyssey through the jungle.

Dare to live this adventure and get to know one of the most emblematic pieces that the Mayas built thousands of years ago.

Tikal National Park

It was one of the most important cities in the Mayan culture. Tikal National Park is among the wonders of the world. Here you will find around 3,000 Mayan structures surrounded by lush vegetation.

Tikal was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is one of the few sites that offers both natural and cultural importance. A mighty city that contains majestic prototypes of local architecture.

Tikal in Guatemala

Ruinas de Copán

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Ruins of Copan are recognized worldwide for the complex art embodied in its structures. The entire history of this important city is carved on a single stele.

Tak’alik Ab’Aj

Located on the Pacific Coast, Tak’alik Ab’Aj is a rather peculiar Mayan city. Combining two different cultures, Olmec and Maya, the structures and monuments of the site represent a major development in the advancement of the Maya.

ruins Tak'alik-Ab'Aj on Guatemala


It was the main city for the Maya Mam kingdom. Zaculeu is located west of the Guatemalan Altiplano, so it had great influence from Mexico in the design of its temples. Due to the proximity, it is believed that the ruler of this city came from Mexico.


An elite city that developed on the banks of the Río la Pasión during the peak period of the Maya. The ruins of Aguateca are considered the best preserved in the country. A perfect combination of fluvial conduits, nature, and interesting archaeology awaits you in the middle of the Petén jungle.

The pyramids were temples dedicated to the Mayan gods, but nowadays, we can enjoy these charming historical destinations in Guatemala. Remember to follow all the health measures imposed by each place you visit.