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When Russia’s war in Ukraine went against the plan, many Russian nationalists feared that someone might think of striking a truce with Kiev. That is why they say that it will endanger Russia in its very existence, and anyone who does not want to continue fighting is a traitor.

Orthodox nationalist website he wrote that “a shameful peace is not just surrender.” He cited “political analyst” Sergei Markov, who “warned against the secession and occupation of Russia, which the so-called “truce parties” are looking for.

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He suggested who the potential traitors were: “According to experts, there are forces in Russia that continue to sell the country off in the face of special military operations in Ukraine,” comments economic commentator Yuri Pronko in Tsargrad Glavnoye (гарьград. авное) .

This was especially shown by the military journalist VGTRK (All-Russian State Television and Radio Company) Yevgeny Poddubny. In an emotional statement, he condemned federal and regional officials who continue to loot budgets and take bribes, law enforcement officials who lie in their reports, and generals who are just trying to ‘see, not be’.

Poddubnyj recommended that “their adequate comrades, fortunately most of them, should once again show these people videos of torture of Russian soldiers.”

“Perhaps it will give them the knowledge that another match against their own country gets them involved in neo-Nazi atrocities and it will devalue the deaths and performance of our fighters. Political scientist Sergei Markov noted in the program that the ‘peace party’ formed in the government we are actually the ‘surrendering party’. He explains why making peace with Kiev costs our country: ‘These people really want Russia to surrender, divide it into parts and occupy it by Europeans and Americans. In their opinion, we will be more good to be under such occupation.'”

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V other articles Tsargrad reveals that traitors are also in Russian retail chains, allegedly keeping prices high due to speculation: antiques and valuables to feed the hungry citizens and make a lot of money from them. Of course, those who haven’t been caught and shot for this type of business are ‘under the laws of war’.”

By the way, we actually learned from permitted and even pro-Kremlin sources that the war had affected ordinary Russians: “They convinced us that our inflation rate is 10 percent. But look at how prices have risen sharply. Imported coffee has not (increased). 40-80 percent depending on the variety). But even bread prices will go up 14-30 percent this year, or ‘pasta’ for the poor by the same amount. Sunflower oil is about 20-25 percent more expensive, eggs 30 percent more expensive, meat is almost the same, and so on.”

That’s why Tsargrad already doubts whether people are being told the truth: “This means that for the vast majority of our citizens, who spend 60-80 percent of their income on food, real inflation is 25 percent, not less. Note that we’re not talking about imported goods! So one of two possibilities holds true: either all the talk of ‘achieving food security’ is wrong, or someone has decided to make money on the occasion of war, following the bad memories of Leningrad speculators. This is an example of human leeches.”

It is not acknowledged here that the war itself is to blame for Russia’s problems.

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