Tverdík fights a dangerous disease: He hears the fateful verdict!

It looks better and better with each subsequent inspection. Slavist boss Jaroslav Tvrdík (54) tells the public on social networks what the latest news is about his cancer treatment. And he has good news!

Yesterday Tvrdík underwent a PET (positron emission tomography) and CT (computed tomography) examination. During a PET exam, the doctor determines the degree of cell damage. CT shows the exact location of the damaged bearing. The football boss already knows the result.

Tvrdík reassured everyone with his first sentence, but at the same time added that the fight wasn’t over yet. “I won my first personal Champions League round. The game is not over, it will continue for many years to come.” added the chairman of the Slavia football board.

Furthermore, he did not forget to mention all the people who helped him fight cancer. “I want to thank the doctors, nurses and medical staff from the bottom of my heart at this time, you guys are great,” he shows gratitude towards those who saved his life.

The conclusion of his message belongs to those who look like him, namely patients who are also fighting cancer. “And for the cancer heroes, stay positive and keep fighting,” Tvrdík supports others battling this dangerous disease.

In Jaroslav Tvrdík’s case, the cancer treatment went according to plan

Head of Slavia Tvrdík after oncology treatment: A fateful examination!
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