Two people suspected of destroying the Great Wall of China – are digging a shortcut

A section of the Great Wall of China in Shanxi Province has been badly damaged by construction workers. They used excavator to dig the wall.


The police stated that there were two people suspected of being related to the case, reports BBC. A 38 year old man and a 55 year old woman worked near the site of the damage.

They dug a “big hole” by widening the cavity in the Great Wall so that their excavator could penetrate the wall.

The police stated that they wanted to reduce the distance they had to travel.

According to the police, the act had caused “permanent damage to the integrity of the Great Wall of China and destroyed the safety of cultural monuments”. Much of what visitors see today was built during the Ming dynasty.

Officials were notified of the damage on Thursday 24 August after receiving reports that there was a large crack in the wall.

This case is under investigation.

The Great Wall of China is located in northern China and is considered the largest building in the world. It is on the UNESCO list of world cultural and natural heritage.

Parts of the wall have been damaged or torn down over the years, especially in remote areas, according to the BBC.

A 2016 report by the Beijing Times newspaper stated that more than 30 percent of the Ming Wall has disappeared completely. Only eight percent is considered well maintained.


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