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Now, after reading it, he decided to leave. In British political culture, it is a very serious offense to deliberately mislead an MP.

Failure to do so may result in suspension, which in turn may result in early election in the constituency of the found guilty member. In a lengthy statement, the former head of government made clear that there was no doubt the commission’s investigation was a “witch hunt”. He argued that the committee still “has not presented one iota of evidence” that he lied to the House of Commons, and that his left-wing boss was biased from the start. He suggested that all this was revenge for Brexit.

“I am not lying and I believe the members of the committee know it in their hearts,” Boris Johnson wrote. He added that he was the victim of a “Kap trial”. “I am shocked and horrified that I could be pushed out in such an anti-democratic manner,” the statement said, more than 1,000 words long.

Conservative MPs have a majority on the Privileges Committee. It’s been unfavorable initial reports for the former prime minister. Boris Johnson also criticized his successor Rishi Sunak. Even for the fact that he gave up on negotiating a free trade agreement with the US. For not taking advantage of the opportunities that Brexit should have provided. And the fact that the Tories are doing worse in the polls than when Boris Johnson left office.

“Boris is a political giant” – this is how Boris Johnson said goodbye to Priti Patel, the right-wing politician of the party. And a list of her accomplishments: “She was a world leader, supported Ukraine, got Brexit done and enjoyed the most electoral success since Margaret Thatcher,” Priti Patel wrote on Twitter. “Shameful treatment of a political leader who has made history,” is the view of another former prime minister, Michael Fabricant.

But former Conservative MP Anna Soubry told Sky News that the idea that the report was fake was “nonsense”. He believes that Boris Johnson knows that when it comes to voting for his suspension of MPs, he cannot count on the support of a majority of his party colleagues. Labor deputy leader Angela Rayner commented: “People are sick of these conservative soap operas.”

Breaking the law

“Boris Johnson broke the law and then lied about it,” Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey wrote on Twitter, arguing that the politician never deserved to be a member of parliament and head of government. Scottish National Party co-chairman Mhairi Black agreed that Boris Johnson left because he understood he would lose his seat as a result of the reports. As Prime Minister, Boris Johnson broke lockdown regulations and got a ticket for it. He argued at length that he had no idea about the Downing Street party. He later reasoned that he did not realize that the event he was attending was against the rules. Boris Johnson now claims he misled Parliament, but he didn’t do it on purpose, so it’s not a lie.

After a fall in the far-right’s ratings, he was forced to resign by lawmakers from his own party. Boris Johnson became a Conservative MP in 2001. Then he was mayor of London for two terms. In 2016, as an MP, he voted for Brexit and played a big role in the campaign. He took part in the uprising against Prime Minister Theresa May. Members of the Conservative Party chose him as the next party leader. In 2019, he presided over an early election, which he won convincingly, keeping Labor out of the way. He drove the country out of the European Union, in line with the results of the 2016 referendum.

After the outbreak of war, he strongly supported Kiev. Early last year, the media started reporting on the rule-breaking at the heart of the Kingdom’s political world. There have been accusations of double standards and defrauding the public. The politician fought to stay in office, but a year ago, as a result of his party’s uprising, he announced his retirement. There will now be a by-election in the constituency of Uxbridge & South Ruislip.

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