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Arsenal had a fantastic flow – and full of confidence after a 4-2 win against Chelsea, they ended up dominating the game against United. Where Arsenal after a 3-1 win are now on their way to the Champions League, the dream will soon be gone for United.

– After today’s result, the dream of the top four is gone, yes, Ralf Rangnick told BT Sport after the game.

– This is a real blow to Manchester United, says TV 2 commentator yvind Alsaker.

Now Manchester United are six points behind Arsenal in fourth place – with one more game to play and with just four games remaining. That could be the nail in the coffin for a Champions League game.

– There’s a lot of work left, that’s for sure, Rangnick said.

United’s troubles are not over. According to OptaJoe, this is the first time since 1981 the Red Devils have lost four straight away matches.

– I love scoring goals against United, it’s not my first goal against them, said goalscorer Granit Xhaka while looking at BT Sport after the game. His cannonball from 20 meters ensured a 3-1 goal which was far from United’s Champions League dreams.

DISAPPOINTED: Alex Telles (left) and Scott McTominay after the loss.

Photo: PAUL CHILDS / Reuters

The win saw Mikel Arteta and his men go straight up to 4th in the table – and thus against the Champions League clash next season.

– It’s a great achievement in a game where we did everything, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta told BT Sport after the game.

The match at the Emirates Stadium contains the most. Several VAR situations, one of which ended in the cancellation of a goal for Cristiano Ronaldo and a fierce duel.

In the center of it all is Captain Martin degaard.

The 23-year-old, who has continued to impress in the Premier League, was heavily involved in Arsenal’s second goal and took the lead by blow at home. Now he is praised by his teammates.

– Martin has so many qualities. He’s just a brilliant player. Off the pitch, he speaks to everyone, and he’s also like a leader, says Mohamed Elneny TV 2.


MAGICIAN: Martin degaard continues to show his strong qualities.


Beginning of a nightmare

The game started in the worst possible way for United and Ralf Rangnick’s side.

It took only three minutes before Nuno Tavares could easily push the ball into the open net after United’s boys and especially Raphaël Varane had cloned him in the back row.

– Have you seen the match opening?! You’re rubbing your eyes a little after all the setbacks Manchester United have had this season, says TV 2 commentator yvind Alsaker.

– It was a terrible defensive engagement from Varane first and foremost at Manchester United, said TV 2 expert commentator Nils Johan Semb after the scoreline.

It boiled over at half-time at the Emirates Stadium – and at the center of the event was Martin degaard.

– He’s amazing, Semb said of degaard.

The 23-year-old captained himself in his third game in a row, on the day eight months after signing Arsenal.


CELEBRATE: Nuno Tavares just spent three minutes finding a clean mask – here with Martin degaard.

Photo: Alastair J. Grant / AP

degaard was very involved as the home side launched a fantastic attack. Bukayo Saka was caught off guard when Eddie Nketiah lifted the ball past him after a free kick, but the ball hit the bar, bouncing off the goalkeeper’s arm.

– Saka and degaard, the link we know, said the enthusiastic Alsaker.

After wild cheers from the Arsenal players, VAR got involved. Initially they thought Nketiah was in an offside position after the goal, but Saka’s first fall was considered a penalty kick.

Saka lined up – and took his own, icy penalty to the left of David de Gea’s United final defense.

– What a Martin degaard engagement, once again! “What a match he had with the captain of the Norwegian national team,” said Semb.

– You almost have to rub your eyes a little. If there is one more, Manchester United have allowed 50 retreats in the league so far. These are really extreme numbers, says Alsaker.

Ronaldo silenced the cheers

The cheers from Arsenal fans could barely calm down before Cristiano Ronaldo, who is back from scratch after losing his newborn son after giving birth earlier this week, slipped at the back post. Perfectly placed and finished many times before being inspected.

Thus, the Portuguese scored their 16th league goal of the season.

– It boiled in the Emirates for a few minutes, but now it became completely silent. “This is a great goal from world football’s number one goalscorer,” Semb said of Ronaldo.


HYLLEST: Cristiano Ronaldo points to the sky after his son died in childbirth.

Photo: DAVID KLEIN / Reuters

– You are the world for the game!

It was a simple summary of Alsaker after a busy first half.

Waste of opportunity to catch up

After the break, a penalty was awarded to United after a hand from goalscorer Nuno Tavares. Bruno Fernandes is known for his tripping penalty kicks, he also does this in a casual fashion.

The Portuguese tried to place the ball to the keeper’s left but it hit the post – followed by a degaard cheer that sent the crowd and goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale into a frenzy.

– Oi, oi, oi, this is a big moment in the 2021/2022 season, said Alsaker after missing out while images of a disgruntled Ronaldo scrolled across the screen.

The ultimate frustration is to grow. At first he put the ball in the net, but the assistant referee quickly waved the flag. The VAR check should show that there is only an inch to go so that the star tip is on the right side.

Then came the nail in the coffin for United after 71 minutes from Arsenal’s Granit Xhaka. He fired a cannon from 20 yards and the ball bounced in the net behind De Gea. United’s last defense has conceded 51 goals this season.


INTENSIVE: Granit Xhaka celebrates with Alexandre Lacazette.

Photo: PAUL CHILDS / Reuters

Now the derby in North London awaits next weekend when West Ham meet Arsenal, while Manchester United meet tough opponents once again at Chelsea on Thursday.

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