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Recommendations must be approved by the board at FIS, but are considered a formality. Thus, starting from the 2022/2023 season, a flying ski competition will apparently also be held for women.

In this way, Maren Lundby and the entire world elite in women’s jump can cheer for the victory that the Norwegian team has been fighting for for years.

It ended with 14 votes for and no one against, so it was a pretty clear speech. This is a big day for all those who jump between us women, but also for gender equality. This is a milestone, quite simplyLundby told NRK.

It’s hard to say what happened, but it’s been a pretty long battle. The idea may mature a bit among those who decide. Now it seems mostly positive. The level that has been shown among the women in recent years may be quite decisive, he continued

CHEERS: Maren Lundby and the rest of the world’s elite in women’s jump can now participate in future FIS-organized flying ski competitions.

Photo: Frode Fjerdingstad / NRK

The manager of the national team Clas Brede Bråthen was Norway’s representative during the meeting.

– Almost a bit surreal, said Bråthen about the decision for NRK.

Leaping nations Austria and Germany are among the electorate countries that have turned around and are now giving yes, according to ski president Erik Rste.

– I said last year that when there is a loss by the smallest possible margin it is the biggest loss I have experienced as a sports policy leader. When we got 14-0 votes today, it was barely real, Bråthen continued.

What a milestone

This is the calendar committee that discusses this on Wednesday, and will include women in the flying ski competition for the following season. Proposals will first be nominated, but today’s vote will weigh heavily.

Bråthen was intoxicated by the decision.

– This has been an important match for our girls for a long time. One of the greatest achievements I have ever experienced, apart from the greatest sporting achievement of the Norwegian jumper.

Hoppuka 2021-2022

SATISFIED: Clas Brede Bråthen

Photo: Geir Olsen / NTB

The women’s debut in ski flight will take place in Vikersund during next season’s Raw Air tournament.

Proud to announce that the first jump race will be held in Vikersundsbakken. “This is something that is in line with our vision to become the biggest jumping nation in the world,” said the national team manager.

Lundby is clear on how much racing means to his commitment.

This means a lot in terms of motivation to have this to look forward to. Now go ahead and through the summer and practice. It means a lot.


NRK wrote Monday about women’s right to compete in the biggest ski jumps. Niso’s and LO’s lawyers believe they can’t be disputed after a legal review.

A refusal would be discriminatory and illegal, according to the EU directive.

Discrimination laws should be the basis for these types of decisions. If so, then there is no way out for women to be allowed to ski. Erlend Hanstveit, union leader at Niso, told NRK on Monday.

Race director for the jump at FIS Sandro Pertile, criticized by NRK. In a text message, he replied:

– All representatives of various ski associations will discuss the topic next Wednesday. The FIS legal department is also evaluating the position.

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