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Tuberculosis is not the only disease currently on the rise in the Czech Republic. For example, in Pilsen, the university hospital also noted an increase in HIV-positive patients. In this case, the increase in detected cases is related to the arrival of war refugees. However, the situation does not limit the operation of the medical facility in any way.

Non-stop ambulances for Ukrainian refugees began operating at the Pilsen Faculty Hospital (FN) in Lochotín on March 17. The so-called UA POINT offers continuous health care to everyone from Ukraine who goes through the registration process, just like people who are insured from health insurance companies in the Czech Republic. The opening of this pharmacy is based on the instructions of the Ministry of Health.

“When we opened UA POINT in March, about 45 clients came a day, today about 15 people. Migrants mainly come with respiratory infections, dehydration, and they are also those who have recovered and want to continue treatment. We then referred these people to individual specialist ambulances.” describes the director of FN Plzeň Václav imánek.

The Ukrainian mother has given birth to two children in Pilsen. There is also one hemato-oncology pediatric patient who is already being treated at home in Ukraine under the care of a doctor. Refugees come mainly with respiratory illnesses. “The incidence of tuberculosis cases has also increased due to the arrival of migrants. We also enrolled more HIV-positive patients. For now, we are managing it during our normal consultation operations at the pulmonary and infectious disease clinic.” said imánek. The arrival of refugees led to the arrest of about three cases of HIV-positive patients a week, now up to two a day. “These are new patients and people who have been healed in some way. The sad thing is that in our condition this is already an outdated form of treatment and we have to start implementing it now.” the director pointed out. In Pilsen’s case, tuberculosis was less common than HIV infection.

Tuesday, 26 April 2022, 15:03Health

The State Institute of Health has announced that it is dealing with the increasing incidence of tuberculosis cases in the Czech Republic. Last year there were 39 positive findings in the period March 1 to April 21 this year 57. Experts are looking for causes, they are looking for connections in the pandemic…

He did not dare to guess how the situation would continue to develop. “The hospital regime is working without problems. We don’t have many Ukrainians coming in waiting for surgery. This is a rather isolated case. Not many Ukrainian patients are being monitored long term. We can handle it.” convinced imánek. None of the newly arrived war refugees have not applied for a job at the hospital. According to imánek, the hospital already employs about 26 Ukrainians over the long term.

Ukrainian medical students help with the operation of UA POINT, thanks to which the language barrier disappears. Ambulances are located on site in Lochotín and ensure seamless connection to other emergency departments. “A patient of Ukrainian nationality came to the Admissions Office, entrance C, FN Lochotín, where registration took place, and received a questionnaire and informational materials in his native language. After registration, he was checked at the above-mentioned UA POINT, where the Ukrainian-speaking medic available 24 hours a day. hospital spokesperson explained Gabriela Levorová.

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