Vanessa Bryant: – I live in fear every day

In January 2020, tragic news emerged that NBA legend Kobe Bryant (41) and his daughter Gianna (13) were among the nine people killed in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California.

sue the sheriff

About a year after the plane crash, news agencies reported AP that investigators at the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) concluded that the pilot was flying through the fog, and may have failed to orient himself.

The death shook the whole world, leaving his wife Vanessa Bryant, 40 and their three daughters in indescribable grief. Shortly after the accident, it was also discovered that the wife learned of her husband’s death through social media, which emerged during questioning.

DEAD: Basketball legend Kobe Bryant, 41, has been confirmed dead in helicopter crash. Photo: NTB Scanpix/CNN.
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It is now true that Bryant was concerned that violent images from the crash would spread online, after he learned that police and firefighters had photographed and shared photos of his husband after the crash.

On Friday, he tearfully testified during the ongoing trial in Los Angeles. She has sued the district for invasion of privacy over photographs of her husband’s corpse, writing among other things Security.

– Once they disband, you can’t get them back, he testified.

Found a letter from her late husband

Found a letter from her late husband

Bryant also made no secret that the thought kept him awake at night as he lay next to his three- and five-year-olds, and said it sometimes led to panic attacks in which he couldn’t breathe.

– I live in fear every day being on social media and this will show up. I live in fear that my daughter will appear on social media and this will appear.

TOUCH: Several artists paid tribute to Kobe Bryant during this year’s Grammy Awards, which traditionally took place at the Staples Center, where Bryant played basketball for the LA Lakers for twenty years.
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Furthermore, the 40-year-old woman claimed that she was suffering from emotional stress because police and firefighters took pictures of the accident, which they later shared, including a visit to a bar.

An officer admitted to sharing photos with a colleague.

- Miss you so much

– Miss you so much

According to lawyers, the photos were taken as “souvenirs” by the first rescue workers who arrived at the scene, but had no reason to take them.

Los Angeles district attorneys did not dispute the existence of the images, but said they were never published and have now been removed.

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