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“I understand that view, but I think it’s very sad,” Jens August Dalsegg, marketing and media manager at Vlerenga, told NRK.

He despaired over the actions of a number of support groups against the play-off system in Toppserien. He believes the players are very sad that some supporters are now unlikely to appear at the game during the play-offs.

I can buy that argument that the playoffs don’t “things in the trash”. With the support from the stands, the chances of performing are increased. It’s just a sad situation.

Are you going to do something active to get them to turn around?

We don’t have to go out with them. We will definitely invite them to chat. No washing meetings. We just need to explain why this is sad. The players got on well with what was set, even if not everyone liked it, Dalsegg replied.

THANK YOU FANS: Vålerenga thanked the fans at home against Brann earlier this year.

Photo: Beate Oma Dahle / NTB

Hard on the system

Several support groups are unwilling to recognize the new playoff system at Toppserien and have signed a joint statement published on Tuesday morning.

– We don’t recognize the play-offs as a real draw competition, as it goes against the basic principle of a tie that every match counts the same, wrote Brann’s support group, Brann Bataljonen, on their account. Twitter account.

They were supported by Klanen (Vålerenga), Kanarifansen (Lillestrm), Stabæk Support and Kjernen (Rosenborg).

Support groups say that they will now not arrange anything during the Toppserien play-offs.

– We wholeheartedly support protests against the play-offs in Toppserien and football in general. This is a recipe for simplifying the combat experience and at least making it harder to follow and understand for those who are sufficiently interested, the Clan leader, Erling Rostvåg, told NRK.

Dalsegg at Vålerenga believes there must be change quickly.

You have to clean the soup you made. This has become a joke. They have created a system here that will not be liked. “You have to work here, we can’t have him here next year,” he said.

Rosenborg - Fire at Toppserien (1-0)

CRITICAL: Some support groups say they won’t set anything up during the playoffs.

Photo: Geir Olsen / NTB

Many are critical

As NRK has discussed previously, a lot of people at Toppserien are very critical of the current series system.

In short, the draw system means that all ten teams play each other twice, before the draw is split in half with the four best teams on one side and the six weakest teams, as well as the two best division 1 teams, on the other. -dead.

So it’s this series system that causes the support group to turn on all the plugs. They were clear about who they would recognize as the Toppserien winner.

They believe that the team that tops out after August 28 will get their rightful league gold and tribute.

– What is your goal with this action?

– To end the playoffs. That’s the simple answer. That we will never see this again in Norwegian football, Battalion leader Erlend Ytre-Arne Vågane told NRK.

Earlier this year, a survey conducted by NRK, to which 108 Toppserien players responded, showed that only one player was satisfied. 98 players will cancel the system next season.

Kjernen’s spokesman, Espen Viken, said it was the Battalion that took the initiative for the recent action.

– It’s quite simple that most organized supporters in Norway don’t recognize the play-offs as a form of draw competition.

Tuva Hansen Fire Brigade Captain

HOPE: – We love to have support, so we really hope they will come and support us, said Tuva Hansen.

Photo: Linnea Skare Oskarsen / NRK

– To be evaluated

Brann player Tuva Hansen urges the NFF to listen to supporters. He believed it was healthy and good that they had an opinion. However, the national team player added:

– We hope they will, because they have made a big splash around Toppserien this year. “We love to have support, so we really hope they will come and support us,” Hansen told NRK.

Nils Fisketjønn, director of competition at the NFF.

WILL EVALUATE: Nils Fisketjønn and the Norwegian Football Association will evaluate the playoff system at Toppserien after the season ends.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Nils Fisketjønn, director of competition at the Norwegian Football Association, said he had not registered the act, but provided this as a comment to NRK:

– The play-offs were adopted by parliament three years ago. It wasn’t done for two years because of the pandemic, but now it has been introduced. The series structure will be evaluated, then we will see what is required.

The top football manager at the NFF, Truls Dæhli, sees the debate with double eyes.

– Stupid if it means the club and the match don’t get spectators in the end. That’s the sad side, but the fact that there are strong opinions and commitments that we can’t look at in a negative way, Dæhli told NRK.

She explained that the draw system was adopted because the arrow for Norwegian women’s football was pointing downwards. But he understands that there are strong opinions on the matter, and points out that the system should be evaluated after the season is over.

“There’s a very clear desire on the part of a lot of people to change the system so you have sharper competition and get better at competing in Europe first and foremost,” he said.

– We have to deal with it and then everyone has to attack that system in the best way. Opportunities that exist can also be used. We went through that the best played more games against the best. It shows that we will face fierce competition at the top and then there are other aspects which I understand are being discussed. Then we will see when the season ends how it evaluates, concluded the top football manager.

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