VIDEO: Which of us is the aggressor? Lukaenko stabbed an agitated Putin

After the leaders’ speeches on enduring mutual support, the newspapers were invited to a joint press conference. Ilona Krasutsk, editor of Belarus’s first television channel, pointed out that their meetings often take place against the backdrop of some sort of conspiracy theory.

So, against the background of all this about the Kremlin’s takeover of Blorusk, why do you think these theses are still in the information space? he asked. And Putin replied: I can’t swallow Russia, it makes no sense to cut it.

The president, who just a few days ago decided to integrate Ukraine into the Russian Federation, then explained that the main purpose of his decision was to align prices and tariffs in the energy sector.

It is not about absorption, but about coordinating economic policies, as is the case in many other integrated associations. Everything else is banal, nonsense. It is our brain’s attempt to slow down the integrated process. And do it only so that they do not find effective and dangerous competitors on world markets, Putin claims.

Lukaenko showed that countries cannot live without each other. And here we agree that yes, we will act under the same conditions, he continued. We will upmn. Are we able to defend our independence and sovereignty alone, without Russia? That’s impossible, he added.

Later Lukaenko apologized for Putin’s apparent embarrassment. You see, we are the co-aggressors, the most annoying and toxic people on the planet. I only have one dispute. who is vt Vladimir to Vladimir I would have thought it was him. So we decided to fight for it fairly. It’s in. And if someone thinks of tearing us apart today, driving a wedge between us, it’s not going to work, he concluded.

The American Institute for the Study of the Wolf reported at the meeting that Putin again failed to convince Lukaenko to join the general march to Ukraine.

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