Vladimir Putin accuses the West of undermining the international order

In his speech, Putin also accused the world’s richest countries of considering other countries as their colonies, stressing that the era of a unipolar world order is over, despite all efforts to preserve it.

“Nothing in the world will be the same again in international politics,” Putin said, adding that the United States behaved as if America had been sent to Earth by God with sacred interests.

He admits it is a turbulent time and warns against believing that things will return to normal. Because they won’t, according to the president.

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– Our sovereign rights

As for the war in Ukraine – or “special operations in Ukraine”, as Putin calls it – he defended it saying that the decision was made by a “sovereign state based on the right of a sovereign state to defend its security”.

“Starting a special operation was difficult, but it was forced on us,” said Putin, who also pledged to protect “our people” in the Donbas in eastern Ukraine, while again making the undocumented claim that they were the target of “genocide”. ».

– All the objectives of the special operations will be fulfilled, without a doubt, he added, according to BBC covering live speeches.

The speech was given at the St. International Economic Forum. Petersburg on Friday, and the statement has been reproduced by a number of Russian media outlets, such as the state-controlled news agencies Ria Novosti, Tass and Gazeta.ru.

– Crazy sanctions

Here he also claims that the real interests of the European people were put aside when the EU opened itself up to Ukraine to be a candidate state.

Putin called the sanctions against Russia “insane and senseless,” and he insisted that an “economic lightning strike” on Russia had no chance of succeeding.

– We are a strong people, and we can handle any challenge, he said.

According to the president, Russia, among other things, managed to control inflation despite sanctions.

– The West’s responsibility for the hunger crisis

As for the global food crisis that has arisen due to the lack of wheat exports from Ukraine, according to Putin, this is also the fault of Western countries.

“Any famine in the poorest countries will be fully aware of the bureaucracy of the United States and Europe,” the president said.

He denied that Russia was blocking Ukrainian exports, and said that Russia had the opportunity to increase its exports of grain and fertilizers, and that it would send food to the Middle East and Africa.

Ukraine is one of the most important wheat exporters in the world, but because Russia blocked Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea, it is now impossible to transport grain out.

Due to a hacker attack, Putin’s speech had to be delayed by more than an hour.

Usually, several foreign leaders are present during the annual conference in St. Petersburg. This year also expected participants from about 90 countries, but Western leaders excelled in their absence.

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