Vladimir Putin avoids the Internet – information about the war situation may be delayed

based on Insiders who cites Wall Street Journal Russia’s president has long avoided using the internet for fear of exposure to espionage.

The Wall Street Journal is said to have obtained information about Putin’s internet use from American and Russian officials.

Paper factory

As a result of his personal internet boycott, the president relies on the physical documents he receives from his advisers. According to Insider and Wall Street Journal, paper mills must also have time-sensitive documents.

This means that updates from the front lines in Ukraine risk delays and the information may be out of date by the time it gets to Putin, Insider wrote.

According to information accessible to the Wall Street Journal, information from the front goes through several stages before reaching the president’s office.

Don’t have a smartphone

The internet isn’t the only form of modern technology the Russian president has shunned. Previously it was known that Putin does not use a smartphone.

– He doesn’t have a smartphone, that’s impossible, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in 2020.

Shortly after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began in February this year, the Kremlin reduced access to foreign social media for Russian residents. According to the American organization Freedom House, Russia is the country where freedom regarding Internet use has been reduced the most this year.

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