Vladimir Putin is never on time: The reason is said to be megalomania

During his long political career, Vladimir Putin has shown several times that he doesn’t care who he insults. The Kremlin chief likes to show disrespect to other statesmen by making them wait. Regardless, he kept Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II waiting for himself. He arrived in front of an audience two full weeks later than his scheduled time.

Putin showed disrespect during his state visit to Britain in 2003. He recalled a meeting of the two statesmen for the British daily. Daily mirror David Blunkett, then Minister of the Interior. After Putin arrived late for the audience, Blunkett’s guide dog started barking at him. “I apologize to the queen,” Blunkett said, adding that the queen had not forgiven the Russian statesman at the time. “He said: Dogs have great instincts, don’t they?” added the former minister.

In 2013, the Russian president was greeted at the Vatican by the Pope. However, even in the case of a meeting with the head of the Catholic Church, Putin did not care and kept his chastity for fifty minutes. However, he was even more late two years later. At that time he had a meeting with then Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in Milan and then he would meet with the Pope. He arrived at the Vatican an hour and a half later! Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov finally commented on the case. “It was our only concern at the time. Furthermore, our convoy slowly passed through the streets of Milan and Rome,” explained briefly his boss Peskov, who emphasized that, of course, they were in touch with the Vatican all the time.

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Other government officials have experienced Putin’s bad habits. In 2013, then US Secretary of State John Kerry visited Moscow, waiting three hours for Putin. He ended up shortening his time by wandering around Red Square. President Obama had to postpone his next assignment because of Putin, because the Russian president was delayed by forty minutes. But he kept the woman waiting the longest! Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel waited four hours and fifteen minutes for Putin.

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But it wasn’t just statesmen who kept Putin waiting for a few minutes. In 2004, he attended the funerals of children who died in plane crashes. He arrived at his final farewell to the deceased tragically with a delay of two hours. His ex-wife Ljudmila also has experience with punctuality. “I was never late, but Vladimir Vladimirovich was always late. An hour and a half late was normal. I remember waiting in the subway. The first fifteen minutes delay was normal, half an hour was bearable, but when the hour ended but he was still not there there, you start to cry. she talks about her ex-husband.

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According to the newspaper, some experts agree that Putin’s constant tardiness is part of his psychological game. He especially kept statesmen waiting, for example, he always attended press conferences and spoke on television on time. Political commentator Dmitry Abramov believes his immortality wants Putin to prove his superiority. He claims to be “He was born with a desire to show that he occupied the Tsar’s place in world politics, as well as during the heyday of the Russian Empire.” However, others claim that the reason does not lie in his megalomania. He is said to try to prepare well for important meetings.

The number of civilian casualties since the start of Russia’s war against Ukraine is estimated by a UN Human Rights Council mission at 1,335 474 civilians killed and 861 injured, said Independent Kyiv server. From the start of the invasion, according to the quoted report 38 children died and 71 children were injured. However, the actual number appears to be much higher, the server stressed.

Only 16-year-old Artyom Pryjimenko, a champion of the Ukrainian martial arts sambo, did not survive the airstrike on the eastern Ukrainian city of Sumy, reports Nexta TV. His entire family, including his two younger brothers, would die with him in the ruins.

The Russian attack apparently killed two babies. An air strike in the town of Malyn in the Zhytomyr region west of Kiev destroyed 7 one-story private residential buildings. 5 people died, including 2 children (born 2021), he stated Ukrainian Civil Service for Emergencies.

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