War in Ukraine. Another Russian general was killed. “Killers of civilians in Mariupol” – Wprost

The Ukrainian army announced on Friday, March 25, about the disbandment of another Russian general. This is Yakov Riezancew, commander of the 49th Army.

War in Ukraine. Another Russian general is dead

rightA Russian general was killed in an attack by Ukrainian forces on the 49th Russian Army command post in the south of the country. This is most likely the notorious killer of civilians in Mariupol, General Jakow Riezancew“- wrote on Twitter a Ukrainian journalist and veteran of the Ukrainian army, Viktor Kovalenko.


The information at the daily briefing was confirmed by the adviser to the chief Chancellor of the President, Oleksij Arestovych.

– Today we can say with certainty that our troops destroyed the commander of the 49th All-Military Army, Yakov Rezancev. And it happened at the airport in Czarnobajewka – said Arestovych.

Chernobayevka airport near Kherson has been bombed ten times by the Ukrainian army, each time destroying Russian army units stationed there, including airplanes and helicopters. However, due to the strategic location of the airport, Russia is sending new troops there all the time.

Russia – Ukraine war. Already seven Russian generals have been killed

Yakov Riezancev is the seventh general of the Russian army who, according to information provided by the Ukrainian side, was killed in the Russian aggression on Ukraine last month.

So far, they have died:

This was the biggest loss among Russian commanders since World War II. Ukraine’s Business magazine reports that no army in modern history has lost so many commanders in such a short time.

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