War in Ukraine: – Støre and Zelenskyj have spoken together

This was confirmed by the two heads of state on their Twitter accounts.

Støre described the conversation well, writing that they spoke of “developments in the war of Russian aggression and the struggle of the Ukrainian resistance”.

– Norway supports Ukraine’s right to self-defense, and will together with other countries in Europe support their fight for democracy and freedom, wrote Støre.

– Must be punished

Zelensky wrote that in addition to the Ukrainian resistance, he told Støre about the “terrible war crimes of Russia”.

– We agreed that all the culprits should be punished. Enhanced cooperation, including in the energy sector, is on the agenda, Zelenskyj wrote.

Furthermore, the President of Ukraine thanked Norway for its support.

Zelenskyj and Støre also had conversations in early March. Also at that time, the Ukrainian president thanked Norway for its support.

– Thanks to Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre for his strong military support to Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression. Noting the harsh sanctions imposed by Norway, he wrote at the time.

Zelenskyj also gave a video broadcast speech to Storting on March 30.

Putin speaks

On March 31, Støre also had a conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin about the war.

“One of the things I want to do with this conversation is to share some of what we know and see in terms of civil suffering, in terms of loss figures also on the Russian side – there are different estimates, but there are significant differences in loss figures, ‘ said Stre.

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