War in Ukraine – The military suffered a lot

– They wanted to conquer all of Ukraine, and they lost. They didn’t reach their goal. They failed to achieve their strategic goals, and they are now failing to achieve their operational and tactical goals.

US Defense Chief Mark Milley clearly analyzed Russia’s efforts in the war in Ukraine so far during a press conference on Wednesday.

The military general said Russia voluntarily entered the war and that turned out to be a huge strategic mistake. According to him, Russia has not been able to achieve any of the goals it set before the outbreak of war in February. According to Milley, these goals are as follows:

  • They want to overthrow President Zelenskyj and his government.
  • They want to secure access to the Black Sea.
  • They want to hijack Odessa.
  • They wanted to conquer as far as the Dnipro River, take a break, and then continue to attack all the way to the Carpathians.

READY Speech: US Defense Chief Mark Milley at a news conference on Wednesday, Photo: AP/NTB
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– Suffered great

Instead, Russia is struggling and Milley is merciless in his description of the Russian military.

– The Russian military suffered a lot. Leaders struggle a lot. They had lost many soldiers. They have lost a significant number of their tanks and combat vehicles and they have lost many of their fourth and fifth generation fighters and helicopters, Milley said.

Even so, the general is not so sure that Ukraine can win this war militarily. In other words, they can wipe Russia out of all of Ukraine, including Crimea.

– The chances of that happening soon aren’t very high, says Milley.

CONTROL BULLET: The US believes it was a Ukrainian rocket that hit the Polish village of Przewodow late Tuesday, in an attempt to shoot down the Russian missile. Reporter: Amalie Bernhus Årtun. Video: Reuters/Twitter.
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Possibility of peace talks

He believes, however, that it may be more open to a political solution to the war and last week he made headlines when he opened up that winter could be an opportunity for peace talks.

Milley believed that Russia’s withdrawal from Kherson and the coming winter could give the country a chance to start negotiations.

The remarks sent several senior US officials into action, frantically calling their Ukrainian contacts to reassure them after Milley’s comments, according to Political.

The US wanted to clarify that the winter lull, as Milley explained, does not mean peace talks should take place immediately. Instead, they conveyed that Washington would continue to support Kyiv’s military forces.

According to Politico, the rush to clarify the comments was due to the fact that the US is eager to maintain a united and equal front when it comes to Ukraine and any peace talks.

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