War reparations. Left-wing politicians: Poland is not a subject, but an object of postwar governance – Radio Poland 24

One of the important topics in Polish international policy was the issue of reparations from Germany. The parliamentary team that prepared the report estimated Poland’s war losses caused to the Third Reich to exceed PLN 6 billion and PLN 200 billion. Bogusław Liberadzki, MEP of the New Left, spoke about this on Polish Radio 24.

The broadcast guest stressed that “he has nothing against” Germany paying more than PLN 6 trillion or even more, but he doubted whether that would be possible at all. He also reminded that Poland and Europe are in a certain situation – internal politics (elections are approaching in Poland), but also external politics with an ongoing war beyond its eastern borders. Also in the face of this war, it was important, as he said, to persuade Germany to support Ukraine more.

Will Poland receive war reparations from Germany?

– First of all, we must always emphasize that what happened during World War II in Poland never happened before and should never happen again. Second, it is not true what some publicists say that the Poles passively accepted the German occupation. Poland is the only country with such a widespread resistance movement. In fact, almost every adult Pole was in the resistance movement, in various formations. Another thing is that Poland is the only country that provides assistance to Jewish people and citizens – including Poles, but not only Polish – of Jewish descent on a large scale. In terms of social behavior, it is very noble – said Bogusław Liberadzki.

– And finally: the decisions made at the end of World War II were the decisions made by the Big Three. We are objects, not subjects – reminds the New Left MEP.

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13:58 PR24 2023_01_12-07-35-36_Liberadzki.mp3 Bogusław Liberadzki on war reparations: it is not true that Poland accepted the occupation passively (“24 Questions – Morning Rozmowa” / PR24)

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Program: “24 Questions – Morning Chat”
Lead: Stanislaw Janecki
Visitor: Bogusław Liberadzki (New Left)
Manufacture date: January 12, 2023
Broadcast time: 07.35


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