war: – Russian pilots praised after this

A video that is now circulating on social media shows the figure of a Russian pilot who has just landed in the Turkish city of Antalya.

Shortly after landing, the pilot came with a message to passengers over a loudspeaker system:

– This is the captain speaking. Welcome to Antalya. In my own name and not on behalf of the airline: I think war with Ukraine is a crime. We should not continue this war. We must stop it immediately, the Russian pilot said through the speaker system in the cabin.

Watch the video at the top of the case.

Putin bluffed: – Not surprised

– Brave

The message was read out in Russian and English, and the pilot would, according to New York Post was greeted with applause after the clear message he shared with the passengers.

Ukrainian diplomat, Oleksandr Scherba, has retweeted the video, which was shot from inside the plane, calling the pilot brave.

British newspaper independentwho also mentioned the video, wrote that the pilot worked for the airline Pobeda, which is a subsidiary of the Russian company Aeroflot, which is considered the flagship of Russian aviation.

Russia retaliates with Biden sanctions

Russia retaliates with Biden sanctions

controversial bill

Also Pjotr ​​Sauer, reporter for The Guardian, has retweeted the video.

– It is rare to see public opposition to war given the consequences of such a statement, he wrote Indonesia.

The consequences that Sauer wants to achieve can be included in the context of a bill that was approved by the Russian National Assembly in early March. There they opened up to prosecute those who spread fake news about the Russian military.

The bill also allows for large fines and jail terms of up to 15 years. The harshest penalties are for those who use their official positions to spread “false information” with “serious consequences”.

ANTI-WAR MESSAGE: A woman stormed the live broadcast of the Russian TV channel Channel 1 with this message.
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The Duma also approved a bill that would allow large fines for anyone who protested against military operations. If the law is violated twice in a year, the violator faces the risk of heavier penalties under the penal code, TASS wrote.

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